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Blizzard has started World of Warcraft two weeks ago: Shadowlands' alpha test server, overhauled rating system and a variety of new gameplay methods provide players with a great gaming experience. But the well-known streamer Asmongold is not satisfied with this. After completing the exploration of most of the new areas in the game, he turned his attention to the realm of location and tried to start an adventure.

Asmongold livestreamed the journey on Twitch. Although he and his team members did find a bug and successfully found the WOW Classic Gold entrance to a different world, the journey was ended by a mysterious force before it even started. Hundreds of thousands of people witnessed the bizarre death of this team until Blizzard Game Master Zorbix exposed the story behind the murder. Zorbix, one of the current Game Masters for WoW, simply stated "gg" and disappeared again, leaving the streamer and his crew completely in awe. Asmongold was out of time anyways and began the "Allcraft" podcast portion of the stream, handling the slaughter with humor.

Like ordinary test users, Asmongold was born in the Revendreth area after creating the character, which is one of the assumed starting areas in the Shadowlands expansion. Players need to complete the tutorial task here to master the most basic dungeon strategy, but for experienced Asmongold, this process is obviously too boring. In order to get more information hidden by the developers, Asmongold decided to break the border through the error on the map. In the Alpha test server, Shadowlands has completely opened five starting areas, namely Bastion, Ardenweald, Revendreth, Maldraxxus, and The Maw. But the maps outside these areas did not seem to be completely designed. Asmongold found blue voids at the junction of these five areas, so he and his team members entered the mysterious and unknown realm through these voids. 

These areas that were not originally used for player games are very empty, and you can't see any decoration except the gray air. After wandering here for a while, Asmongold and his colleagues decided to further explore the borders of the world. As they continue to advance into the unknown, they can already see Ardenweald, the epic tower of Oribos, The Maw, and even an asset area for devs – revealing a glitched-out view of some unrevealed game content. When you reach the official website of MMOWTS, you will never regret it, because this is the easiest place for WOW Classic players to get cheap WOW Classic Gold For Sale.

But a sudden mysterious force broke the atmosphere of joy, and the friends next to Asmongold died one by one until doom finally came to him. This result frustrated him because he didn't even know who to avenge, but the perpetrator showed up briefly after the killing and said "GG".

Zorbix, one of the current Game Masters for WoW, simply stated "gg" and disappeared again, leaving the streamer and his crew completely in awe. Asmongold was out of time anyways and began the "Allcraft" podcast portion of the stream, handling the slaughter with humor.

The latest expansion of POE is called Blight, which is the third expansion of the game in 2019. Grinding Gear Games, a developer from New Zealand, tried to use this expansion to provide players with different gameplay than conventional dungeons. The POE introduced a tower defense system for the first time. Not only that, this update has also greatly improved 3 different Ascendancy Classes, and added the traditional hard-core battle to the newly expanded core gameplay of POE. There are some rare POE Currency that are difficult to obtain in the game, but MMOAH can provide you with very good help. You can visit the official website of MMOAH and purchase the corresponding POE Currency or POE Items according to the version of the game you are playing.

The story of the new expansion originated from a brand new species-Blight, which is why this challenge league was named Blight. This kind of fungus organism that is very similar to plants can control the thinking of any living thing, and even deprive them of their lives directly. When monsters are controlled by Blight, they become stronger and crazier, and follow Bligh's growing tendrils to attack new areas. The player's task is to protect the continent. To achieve this goal, the player needs to build various turrets and arrange their positions reasonably to form an effective defensive structure and launch attacks on the tendrils.

Players can build multiple turrets with different abilities. They look similar to totems, except that the turret can be repaired. Some towers can cause a cold effect to reduce the movement speed of monsters, and some turrets can make enemies stun, weaken or even burn. Other turrets do not have the ability to attack the enemy, but they can provide various buffs to make your character stronger.

For old POE players, this feeling of fighting large-scale enemies through defensive structures is unprecedented. Grinding Gear Games released a demo video on the official website. The battle footage is a bit confusing. I cannot clearly describe what happened, but I do look forward to it. After eliminating a Blight's tendrils, players can get the opportunity to open the treasure chest, including unique rewards in various new developments, such as new POE Currency and POE Items, and even legendary items.

Sister Cassia is a key figure in this disaster. Players must rely on the equipment she developed to drain the Blight profession in the area, thus completely preventing the growth of tendrils in the MMOAH area. Sister Cassia can also use oil to enchant your necklaces and other accessories. You can get a variety of different oils randomly during the battle. Collect three copies of the same level of oil and you can exchange it for a higher level of oil at Cassia.

In addition, necromancer, poison assassin, and mine saboteur and other three Ascendancy Classes have been strengthened. Necromancer can now control the behavior of summons through three kinds of support gems; poison assassin can gain powerful power in a short time through the newly added buff Defense and movement capabilities; mine saboteur has gained more ways to control mines.

The new POE 3.10 Delirium Challenge League has been released, and developers have added generous rewards to the game.

In the Delirium Challenge League, whenever a player kills enough monsters in an encounter, he has a chance to obtain unique Delirium items after the battle. Players can still perform the same challenge again after obtaining limited rewards, because the progress of encounters can be constantly reset. However, it is worth noting that players repeatedly complete encounter encounters in the same map will result in fewer and MMOAH fewer rewards. In order to earn more and better rewards, you need to go to more new maps full of danger to explore.

Developer Grinding Gear Games stated that the purpose of this is to inspire players to explore more maps and challenge more terrifying enemies. If your character is too conservative, you may need to spend more time catching up with others. Simply put, the higher the risk, the higher the return. The rewards players can get in the area include the newly introduced unique POE Currency and POE Items, or some map items that can be applied in the area, and even rare armor parts.

Of course, this means that you will encounter unprecedented difficulties in the endgame content of the Delirium Challenge League, but you can first obtain enough resources in other regions to improve yourself. The Delirium Orbs added in the new expansion are the key items to help you achieve this goal. Players can embed Delirium Orbs into Atlas slots to increase the density of encounters in specific areas and increase rewards. Each Delirium Orbs has a unique theme that affects the type of rewards you receive.

In the Delirium Challenge League, you can also get a newly added enhancement item-cluster jewels, which you can use to further expand your passive skill tree. Many slots have been added to the new passive skill tree. Players can generate many random passive skills after inserting the appropriate cluster jewels. If you think these skills are not suitable for your class, you can perform a rollback operation to re-weight Set this part of passive skills.

The POE 3.10 patch also provides some TLC for Conquerors of the Atlas, so that PS4 platform players can also enjoy the newly added content in the expansion. In addition, players can now see a prompt in the yellow box on the left side of the screen. This information lets players know how many POE Currency Buy maps they still need to explore in the area to challenge the boss.

There are some rare POE Currency that are difficult to obtain in the game, but MMOAH can provide you with very good help. You can visit the official website of MMOAH and purchase the corresponding POE Currency or POE Items according to the version of the game you are playing.

World of Warcraft is generally regarded as the most successful MMORPG in the world. For an old game that has been running for 15 years, this is really not easy. Nowadays, the development of network technology is very fast, and a large number of high-quality new game works appear every year. But in the field of MMORPG, World of Warcraft has never encountered a tough opponent, mainly due to the studio's creativity and the efforts of WOW Classic Gold developers. We will find that many games draw inspiration from World of Warcraft, because the mechanics and design are so perfect that it is difficult for other game designers to design gameplay beyond World of Warcraft.

But this alone is not enough to make World of Warcraft the number one in the world. For a long-running game, the most important thing is to keep the game up to date. World of Warcraft is clearly doing very well in this regard. We can see that the graphics and visual effects of the game have greatly improved compared with ten years ago, and the game also provides players with more interesting new content through multiple releases, such as higher level caps and more Of allied races. Recently, players have found a more exciting news in the official community of World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is likely to add support for gamepads after the expansion of Shadowlands. The news comes from community posts by Randy "Kaivax" Jordan in the forum.

For more than a decade, players have been using mouse and keyboard to control the characters in the game, and no one thinks there is anything wrong with this. But Jordan said that developers have been trying to add gamepad support to World of Warcraft, so that players can use the gamepad to play games without using additional components. The plan has been going on for a while, and the developers finally decided to release this feature along with the game's new expansion.

It is unimaginable for those old players to use the gamepad to play World of Warcraft. Every class in the game needs to master dozens of skills. How to use the limited buttons on the gamepad to cast these skills is a confusing problem. When you encounter difficulties in World of Warcraft, WoW Classic Gold can help you a lot, because you can use WoW Classic Gold to buy a lot of items in the game. If you want to get a lot of WoW Classic Gold in a short period of time, I recommend you a trusted website - MMOWTS, where you can buy WoW Classic Gold.

But Jordan said that developers have designed a reasonable solution. He said: "In order to allow World of Warcraft to be accepted by a wider group of players, they will add support for key bindings and cameras in the Shadowlands expansion if players want to Buy WOW Classic Gold enable World of Warcraft characters on platforms such as Xbox or PS. , They can also get the expected results. "Although we have not yet obtained information about the gamepad from the information released by Blizzard, it is certain that the developers are making efforts to this end. Maybe one day in the future, we can use the gamepad to play World of Warcraft after the update is complete.

Bafta, AKA the British Academy of Film and Television Arts has always been committed to the selection of film awards, and most people have learned about it through films. Since 2003, Bafta has tied video games with movies and TV series, and awarded them the best games in the world, because video games have also made a huge contribution to human entertainment. With the popularity of coronaviruses worldwide, the role of video games seems to be further amplified.

While government officials in many countries are busy persuading citizens to stay at home and avoid going out, some very good games have players giving up going out. In the eyes of Bafta's commentators, Path of Exile from Grinding Gear Games, a New Zealand studio, has clearly achieved good results in this regard. Path of Exile won the title of "Best Evolving Game" in the 2020 Bafta Games Awards, and one of them was selected by products from large companies like Fortnite and Final Fantasy XIV, but POE defeated all opponents and became the most popular game.

The entire award ceremony was broadcast live on YouTube, Twitch and Twitter. Dara O'Briain, a well-known comedian from the UK, completed the hosting in his living room. The award ceremony was originally planned to be held in Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, but because Covid-19 is too dangerous, the city is now blocked. Bafta had to Buy POE Currency change the ceremony to a live broadcast format. If you are interested in the ceremony, you can watch the video on YouTube.

Unable to arrive at the scene to receive the award, Chris Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, expressed his views through a pre-recorded thank you speech. They are not trying to develop a game that pleases all types of players, they just want to create an ARPG that they like to play. There are some rare POE Currency that are difficult to obtain in the game, but MMOAH can provide you with very good help. You can visit the official website of MMOAH and purchase the corresponding POE Currency or POE Items according to the version of the game you are playing.

As an ARPG that can compete with Blizzard's Diablo series, Path of Exile now has more than 2 million loyal users worldwide, and it took only 7 years to achieve this achievement. The origin of all this is a chat between Wilson and game designer Erik Olofsson from Sweden in another RPG. At that time, Wilson had not yet established a game studio, but they discussed and fantasized about creating their own adventure world in the future. Their chat does not stop at chatting and fantasizing. Olofsson soon flew to New Zealand and Wilson began to develop the prototype of POE.

They raised the first funding for the development of POE at the kickstarter campaign in 2012, totaling $ 200,000. In order for the game to Buy POE Items be officially released, the studio obtained $ 2.5 million in financing from enthusiastic fans through the crowdfunding website in 2013. In the end, they officially released the POE client on the PC platform and obtained the expected results. As the game continues to progress and develop, the number of players continues to rise.

At 6 o'clock yesterday morning, World of Warcraft Classic completed the fourth phase of the update. The most attractive content of this update is Zul'Gurub raid. After the raid was officially added to the retail version of World of Warcraft that year, it became a nightmare for many players. Because of its unique mechanism and horrible boss, many players could not overcome this raid until level 70. The professional raid guild from North America completed a challenge that no organization could complete before. They defeated Hakkar in the strongest state in the shortest time, which is the last boss of the raid.

Before the update patch was officially released, many users predicted the survival time of the new boss in the official community of World of Warcraft. Most players believe that these guilds take tens of hours to achieve this feat, while others believe that Hakkar may be killed within a few hours. Surprisingly, in the 7th minute after the World of Warcraft update was completed and opened, the news of Hakkar's death spread rapidly around the world. When you encounter difficulties in World of Warcraft, Buy WOW Classic Gold can help you a lot, because you can use WoW Classic Gold to buy a lot of items in the game. If you want to get a lot of WoW Classic Gold in a short period of time, I recommend you a trusted website - MMOWTS, where you can buy WoW Classic Gold.

WoW Classic was officially released on August 27, 2019, providing players with the official version of World of Warcraft Vanilla, allowing players to return to the games 15 years ago to find those best memories. This game is a challenging arena for professional racing guilds, and they have reached a major milestone in the history of Warcraft through various methods. All players want to be the first person in the world to reach the upper limit of level 60, and the professional guild tries to form the first team to defeat the last boss in raid. The difficulty of the game has always remained the same as the initial version, and players' game knowledge has become more and more abundant in these ten years. Obviously, the challenges that were once considered impossible are still achievable for today's players. So it was surprising that a team killed Hakkar in 7 minutes, but it was in line with reality.

The biggest difficulty in this challenge is how to beat Hakkar on the highest difficulty. In the retail version of World of Warcraft, ordinary players usually choose to kill all monsters in raid and fight Hakkar. Because the raid has 5 priest leaders besides Hakkar, each surviving priest will enable Hakkar to gain enhanced effects and additional abilities. The challenge is to directly challenge the complete after skipping the battle with the priest leader Enhanced Hakkar. A guild called BLaDE of KiLL won the world's first this time. They completed the entire raid operation in 7 minutes, and the battle with Hakkar himself took them less than 90 seconds.

In order to complete this daunting challenge, BLaDE of KiLL was fully prepared before the update. Their team composition did not choose the traditional configuration. In order to absorb as much damage as possible from the enemy while causing a lot of damage to Hakkar, the team accommodated 11 soldiers. Killing bosses without a long-range attack is not an easy task. In the process, they used unique techniques, such as hiding in the corner of the building to avoid being affected by AOE damage. As Starym points out the entire World of Warcraft Classic guild came prepared with high levels and some of the best Vanilla WOW Gold equipment in the game, as well as a wealth of experience from years and years playing the original World of Worcraft and its expansions.

Challenge League is a very interesting game in POE, and it is only open for a few months at a time. All players need to create a new character and re-collect all the resources they need, which means that there will be no inflation in the challenge league, and the POE Currency and POE Items you get have very high value. Not only that, only in the challenge league, players can get new items introduced in the expansion, including legendary items. Continue reading this article, you will learn about the impressive challenge leagues in the POE Currency history of POE.

Torment: did not meet the expected standard

The Challenge League is somewhat similar to the recently released Delirium League. Players will encounter ghosts in the area. They are the souls of sinners who have been tortured to death. If you try to approach these ghosts, they will run around. They can also be attached to nearby monsters, thereby providing these monsters with more modifiers and making them stronger. Correspondingly, you can get better loot while killing these powerful monsters.

In theory, the league can bring players a good game experience and loot, but in fact players do not get the same happiness as expected, because those ghosts run away too fast, players can basically only lock one target and Keeping track, this causes players to lose a lot of the loot they deserve. In addition, although the modifiers provided by these ghosts can enhance monsters, at the end of the game, these modifiers do not have much impact, and players can still quickly clean up the map. Therefore, many players choose to skip the challenge league, and everyone seems to forget that it once existed in the history of POE. If you feel that certain quests are too difficult for you, or if you want to further improve your combat power to defeat more powerful bosses, then you need a lot of POE Currency to get better gears. There are some rare POE Currency that are difficult to obtain in the game, but MMOAH can provide you with very good help. You can visit the official website of MMOAH and purchase the corresponding POE Currency or POE Items according to the version of the game you are playing.

Breach: Eliminate enemies from different worlds

The Breach League is considered by most players to be one of the most successful challenge leagues in the history of POE. Every challenge league introduced by the developers afterwards attempts to replicate the success of the work, but the results are not satisfactory. The essence of the Breach league is to reduce the difficulty of the game while enhancing the player's sense of accomplishment, which is the main reason why Diablo 2 can be so successful.

The simplification of the game in the Breach League is not simply to reduce the game mechanics, but to make the method of providing players with fun more pure. To put it simply, players will randomly encounter portals to the demonic realm in the area. Players need to go through the POE Exalted Orb portal and fight monsters from the demonic realm, so as to continuously extend the time the realm maintains and get more extra rewards. After the field is maintained for a period of time, the boss will appear. You ca n’t kill the boss, but as long as you do as much damage as possible before the boss escapes, you can get a richer reward.

These monsters drop tons of currency and unique Splinters that can be combined to craft Breachstones, unique Maps that have the player fight a certain boss for new Unique items. It had a great mechanic, impactful Uniques, and demonstrated how beneficial metagame systems can be to the retention rate of a league.

Challenge leagues in POE are very interesting content, because these challenge leagues add a lot of new gameplay and mechanics to the original game, as well as unique POE Currency and POE Items. However, the league does not always exist. Only after each new release of the game, players can get a three-month challenge league experience. When the league is over, the player's character will not disappear, but will inherit all the items obtained in the initial game and continue the game.

POE's new developments are not always perfect, and some of them have received a lot of negative reviews in the community. The game experience provided by the Challenge League to Buy POE Currency players greatly affects the impression of players and game media on expansion. Continue reading this article to learn about those Challenge Leagues that have impressed players in the history of POE.

Onslaught: Ignore innovations in mechanisms and rules

This expanded design concept makes Path of Exile and Diablo 3 very similar during this period. The only thing players can do in this challenge league is to continuously improve the character's ability to clean up monsters. The developers introduced some so-called new and unique items in the Challenge League, but their main role is to increase the efficiency of the player to kill the enemy. According to statistics, the average efficiency of players has improved by about 20% in the league.

This league is one of POE's earliest challenge leagues, so it has not made a major breakthrough on the basis of the initial game and lacks substantive content that has a significant impact on the game experience. All the player adjustments to the character are meaningless, it can be said that this is a very boring league. If you feel that certain quests are too difficult for you, or if you want to further improve your combat power to defeat more powerful bosses, then you need a lot of POE Currency to get better gears. There are some rare POE Currency that are difficult to obtain in the game, but MMOAH can provide you with very good help. You can visit the official website of MMOAH and purchase the corresponding POE Currency or POE Items according to the version of the game you are playing.

Harbinger: Excellent map design

During the Harbinger Challenge League, a large number of ghost-like enemies suddenly appeared, and they quickly occupied the Wraeclast continent in a short time. The main task of the player is to kill these monsters to obtain various pieces of POE Currency fragments.

In this challenge league, the efficiency of players to obtain POE Currency is greatly reduced, because all POE Currency and POE Items appear in the form of fragments, using unnecessary clutter in players' stash tabs. But the league still attracted a lot of loyal players, because the development team introduced an excellent Breachhead map and new POE Currency and POE Items. The new currency types allowed players to reroll maps to the same tier, one tier up, or reroll Uniques into another item from the same base.

Blizzard announced information about Diablo 4 at BlizzCon late last year, and Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games also announced recently that players expect to get a beta version of POE 2 by the end of 2020. Although due to the prevalence of coronaviruses, the development progress of POE 2 has also been affected, we may only see the release of POE 2 in 2021. Some players have already compared these two excellent ARPGs in the POE Items gaming community. In the current ARPG field, only these two games have sufficient qualifications to become competitors.

Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson treats this competition with optimism, and he believes that this competition is of positive significance. Although both games are ARPG in the traditional sense, in terms of content and gameplay, POE 2 and Diablo 4 each have their own unique space.

Although the opponent is the most successful game studio in the world, Wilson is not worried. The Diablo series is Blizzard's legendary ARPG, which has been released for decades and has many loyal fans worldwide. According to news published on the official website, Diablo 4 is very similar to Path of Exile, and pays more attention to MMO-esque features. POE 2 has greatly improved the visual effects on the basis of expanding the basic game content, while in-depth adjustments to the motion effects and core systems, which is an exciting step for this New Zealand game developer.

If you feel that certain quests are too difficult for you, or if you want to further improve your combat power to defeat more powerful bosses, then you need a lot of POE Currency to get better gears. There are some rare POE Currency that are difficult to obtain in the game, but MMOAH can provide you with very good help. You can visit the official website of MMOAH and purchase the corresponding POE Currency or POE Items according to the version of the game you are playing.

Wilson said that at present they and Blizzard have the same attitude towards POE 2 and Diablo 4: they both want to create a brand new product based on the basic game, for which they need to improve all aspects of the game. Introduce some unprecedented new things or new systems in the game. For new things that have never been seen before, the developer's knowledge may be right or wrong, and the key to everything depends on the player's game experience. In this regard, Grinding Gear Games is confident, and the development team has always known what the players want most.

However, the global popularity of POE does not allow Grinding Gear to reach Blizzard. As one of the world 's most successful game developers, Blizzard's Diablo 3 sales revenue in the first week has exceeded Grinding Gear 's total revenue for many years. This is easy to understand. POE is a free game. Although the micro-transaction system in the game helps the company make a lot of money, this number is insignificant compared to Blizzard. Although Diablo 3 is considered very bad by the game media, many people are still immersed in the joy of this game.

But this is also one of the advantages of POE 2, affected by the Diablo series culture, POE 2 has many potential future users, and the free mode is one of the reasons to attract these POE Exalted Orb players to join the game. If a player likes Diablo 4 very much, then he can enjoy POE 2 at no cost. The discussion and controversy of these two games is always beneficial to the popularity of the game.

Path of Exile is one of the most popular ARPGs currently. As a free game, players can get a game experience similar to the Diablo series. Not only that, the game is better than Blizzard's Diablo series in many ways. There is no auxiliary system such as an auction house in the game, and all transactions between players need to Buy POE Currency rely on various POE Currency. Most players are scared by their complicated passive skill tree when they first join the game, but as the game continues, players will realize that various passive skills will be played when they customize their own POE Builds Important role. Players can basically obtain all the resources needed in the game by killing monsters in the dungeon.

At present, the Delirium expansion of POE has been released for nearly a month, and players have discovered many problems and errors while experiencing the fun of the game. To this end, the development team recently released a new 1.43 update patch, which will fix those systems and mechanisms that have problems, and is suitable for players on PS4 and Xbox One platforms. The fix is ​​mainly for a system error in the game, which will cause Cluster Jewels not to be properly embedded in a specific slot of the passive skill tree. In addition, developers have also improved the visual effects of the game through this patch, and players can now more clearly see the various dangers in the Delirium fog.

    Fixed a bug which would prevent small cluster jewel passives from saving in specific jewel slots.

    Fixed a client crash in the Library area.

    Reworked the Favourite Maps selection method. Highlight a map on your atlas and press ‘Square’ to set it as a favourite map.

    Implemented Master Mission Selection on the Map Device

    The bug with instant skills bound to ‘X’ was unable to be resolved for this patch due to technical complications in the work from home situation. This issue remains a high priority.

    Simulacrum Splinters now drop in stacks at the completion of a Delirium encounter thanks to this Path of Exile patch.

    Made various visual adjustments to Delirium mist to improve visibility of effects below the mist.

    Added a variety of coloured lights to monsters and packs with Delirium on-death modifiers to more clearly represent the type of damage their skills will deal.

    Added visual identifiers to monsters with the following Delirium modifiers to more clearly indicate that they have a modifier: Spatial Distortion, Cascading Storm, Banishing Flame, Winter Whorl, Crushing Terror, Spawn Dead, Shatter Dead and Putrify Dead.

    Improved the telegraphing of skills used by monsters with the Shockbomb and Bolt Cross Delirium modifiers thanks to this Path of Exile patch.

    The Vengeful Blast modifier now creates a Fire-damage Flameblast (rather than Cold-damage). Improved the telegraphing of the Flameblast as well.

    Updated the effects of the Vengeful Skyfire meteors.

    Updated the effects and audio of the Crushing Terror telegraph and impact.

    Added a ground target marker for Vengeful Soul’s Soul Mortar skill.

    Added a red tint to the homing Delirium volatile monsters and the ground objects which create them.

Depending on the device you use to play POE, the size of the update patch you need to download will vary. PS4 players need to download a file of about 977 MB. If you want to i believe start and not waste time, you can purchase some Path of Exile Currency and POE Items. I think MMOAH may meet your demand for these resource. Google "POE Currency" and you will probably find the NO.1 result's MMOAH official site, visit and acquire everything you need in Path of Exile.

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