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The official release date of NBA 2K21 is getting closer and closer. Every day, we can obtain various functions and leaked information about the new game from various channels. With the announcement of the NBA 2K21 in-game soundtrack, an exciting news appeared for NBA fans and players-the in-game music will include some of the debut tracks of cover athlete Damian Lillard!

As the 22nd work in the NBA 2K series, NBA 2K21 has attracted much attention from players. Players will be able to experience the official version of the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms on September 4 this year. Not only that, when the next generation of game consoles is officially launched in the second half of this year, players will be able to Buy NBA 2K21 MT experience the upgraded version of NBA 2K21 on the PS5 and Xbox Xeries X platforms.

Soundtracks in NBA 2K21

The soundtrack for the sport seems exciting to start out with. there'll be a complete of 52 songs in it. Songs from Stormzy, Pop Smoke, and more are part of the sport. Moreover, you'll be able to now hear the whole soundtrack on Spotify. Steve Noah from Operationsports has shared the whole soundtrack from Spotify on his Twitter handle.

Damian Lillard and his exclusives

However, there's a far bigger point. Damian Lillard, of the Portland Trail Blazers, will debut 2 unreleased tracks within the game. After being the 6th overall pick within the NBA 2012 draft, Lillard was voted the NBA Rookie of the year. The NBA star then went on to receive five NBA All-Star selections and could be a five-time All-Star.

Now, every game out there looks to enhance on its soundtrack to relinquish the players a more robust experience. Gaming together with music is unparalleled and 2K Sports is looking to create further on it. The soundtrack on NBA 2K21 will carry on being updated with time, and, moreover, expectations over Lillard’s tracks are clearly visible among the community.

“To get on the duvet alone could be a big deal to me, but to air the quilt and even have my music be an element of the sport may be a huge accomplishment similarly. Personally, I’ve been introduced to new artists, songs, and genres that i'd hear on the radio, but I heard it first on NBA 2K“, Lillard said, as reported by Businesswire.

In a recent press conference, Alfie Brody, the vice president of global marketing for NBA 2K, said that the soundtrack is an indispensable part of a basketball simulation game. In fact, in any type of game, an excellent in-game soundtrack can provide players with a better immersive experience and mental relaxation. For NBA 2K21, the explosive and fast-paced music can make players feel excited, just like they are actually playing on the basketball court.

Brody said that every year they will add more creative content to the game to provide players with a richer gaming experience. According to reports, in NBA 2K21, the number of in-game music is as high as 202, which is very incredible. In general, NBA 2K21 is committed to providing players with what they want most. There is no doubt that a large number of NBA 2K21 MT will still provide players with the most useful help in the game. Use NBA 2K21 MT to buy card packs in the game and open them, and you will have a chance to get high-rated rare players and organize these greatest players into a team to compete with other players in MyTeam mode. This is why you should add MMOSPT to your favorites in advance, because buying cheap NBA 2K21 MT For Sale at MMOSPT is the easiest way. Their quality service and professional team will not let you down.

Although the NBA 2K series of games have always been very interesting, it must be admitted that the main reason for attracting more players to join is the Myteam mode. For those players who are addicted to Myleague and MyGM modes all day, this feature undoubtedly has great potential, which is why everyone is looking forward to NBA 2K21.

But at the same time, we should also note that every February is a watershed for MyTeam mode. Even the players who love this mode the most know that they should launch MyTeam at this time and begin to experience other features, otherwise they will face a serious shortage of funds. For 2K Games, the developer of the NBA 2K series of games, this feature is very important. Its micro-transaction system can make developers earn a lot of profits in a short period of time.

Most players can accept the micro-transaction system in the game because they know very well that the purpose of game developers is to make money. But when the situation occurs in the MyTeam mode of NBA 2K21, it often becomes very easy to lose control. This is a very real problem. Players need to Buy MT 2K21 take effective measures when facing fierce competition. It is the most conventional option to spend NBA 2K21 MT to open card packs.

Fans must realize, they probably have enough cards to compete, and 2K has got to tell themselves, we probably don’t must release the 999th Galaxy Opal, despite the very fact that it'll obviously create a spike on virtual pack purchases.

At launch, MyTeam has excellent competitive balance. There aren’t a wealth of overpowered cards and users must actually find lower-level players that may be effective. one in all the foremost fun things to try to to in MyTeam is to search out that Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby or Amethyst that plays above its gem level.

Unfortunately, right around what's usually the All-Star Break, all hell breaks loose and therefore the mode is flooded with overpowered nonsense and far of the strategy goes out the window. MyTeam becomes a race to work out who can grab up all of the highest cards, and it just worse leading up to the following version of the sport.

As a loyal fan of the NBA 2K series, I play MyTeam mode every year. Winning with a team of GOAT basketball players from different eras really brings me a sense of accomplishment. But I usually quit in time before things get worse, until next year’s new game is released or the developer takes some measures to improve the model.

For me, the easiest way I can think of is to add a salary cap system to MyTeam mode. If you have played Madden NFL series games before, you will find this measure in the Ultimate Team mode. A similar concept once existed briefly in NBA 2K, which is the so-called SuperMax, but it died out after only a year. I hope this year's NBA 2K designers can take the opinions of players and bring us surprises. Welcome to MMOSPT to Buy NBA 2K21 MT, it will be a pleasant shopping experience. With enough NBA 2K21 MT Coins, you will be able to achieve multiple victories in the early game more easily.

If you lack knowledge of Madden 21 and NFl, then you need to be clear-faster speed can pose a greater threat to opponents in the game. In Madden 21, players with higher speed ratings are easily favored. Michael Vick was able to become the generational running threat to the three members of the 100 speed club, mainly due to his 95 speed rating. It is worth noting that, except for a select group of speedsters who have gotten a 100 rating, the highest rating any player can get in the Madden series of games is 99. From this we can see that the super fast speed of Devin Hester, DeSean Jackson and Madden 21 Coins Chris Johnson gave them a very big advantage. Over the years, Madden players have pursued faster players in the game to easily touch down and score.

In this article, we will introduce players to those Wide Recievers who will play well in Madden 21. They are not necessarily the best choice for this position, because they have more or less weaknesses. But if you want to improve the team's attack speed, then these three athletes are definitely your best choice. Their speed will frighten opponents.

Here are the three of them:

Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs — 99 Speed Rating

It’s unclear what exactly Hill must do to affix the 100 speed club. how briskly is Hill on a football field? Well, he burnt up teammate Damien Williams from behind … Williams ran 4.45 seconds within the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. He did so basically for the heck of it.

Hill has Olympic speed on the field which isn’t an exaggeration—in highschool he ran one among the fastest-ever official highschool 200-meter times at 20.14 seconds. For reference, that top school time would are adequate for sixth at the last Summer Olympics in Rio and would are just 0.02 seconds far from tying for the bronze. the highest American sprinter at the event, LaShawn Merritt, ran 20.19 within the final.

2. Henry Ruggs III, Las Vegas Raiders — 98 Speed Rating

The second-fastest receiver in Madden may be a rookie. Of course, Ruggs' speed and athleticism bonafides are verified. The NFL Combine saw him run 4.27 — a time he was a bit disappointed in — and jump 42 inches within the vertical. The latter number wasn't any surprise either, as long as Ruggs has some ridiculous basketball highlights where he's eye level with the rim. The Raiders wanted to induce significantly faster and land more weapons for Derek Carr, and Ruggs disclose the power to stretch the sphere at a high level. the previous Alabama star is additionally tougher and more skilled than he gets credit for.

3. Mecole Hardman, Kansas City Chiefs — 97 Speed Rating

Well, compared to the previous two top players, Mecole Hardman's performance is much inferior. There are two other players in the NFL who have the same speed as him, and even in his own team, he is not the fastest. But his 40-yard sprint is still impressive, and such a distance only took him 4.33 seconds. Don't forget, Mecole is still a rookie who has just begun to get in touch with the fierce competition in the NFL, which means he still has a lot of room for growth. And as he gets better with the offensive lineup of Kansas City Chiefs, he will get more touchdowns in the future. Let us look forward to the performance of Mecole Hardman in Madden 21.

The above are the top players that will appear in Madden 21. You need to open card packs in the game to try your luck or buy these rare players directly at the auction house. In any case, this process requires a lot of Madden 21 Coins. Now, visit and add it to your favorites, you can easily get them after the game is officially released. Because Madden will sell Cheap Madden 21 Coins at the lowest price, this means you can spend less money to get more Madden 21 Coins and enjoy the best service.

The fall of this year is approaching, and many sports simulation game developers have chosen to release their new games in the near future. 2K Sports also announced that it will officially provide loyal fans with the next work in the 2K series-NBA 2K2 on September 4 this year. Before this, the most curious thing for players and NBA fans is who will become the cover star of the 2K21 MT new game. And 2K Sports has already given the answer at the end of June. Damian Lillard from Portland Trail Blazers and Zion Williamson from New Orleans Pelicans will be the cover stars of NBA 2K21 Standard Edition.

In fact, the developers of 2K Sports posted a video on Twitter that revealed that there will be a third cover athlete in NBA 2K21. It is worth noting that the third cover athlete is a legend, he is the late Kobe Bryant. His outstanding performance in NBA games attracted a large number of loyal users interested in basketball and promoted the further development of the NBA career. To commemorate this great basketball player, 2K Sports used photos of him wearing No. 8 and No. 24 jerseys as the cover of the deluxe version of the game, and created a unique name for the deluxe version, which is the so-called "Mamba Forever Edition" .

Trail Blazers star Lillard was very honored and issued a statement. He said in his life that being the cover star of NBA 2K21 is of extraordinary significance to all NBA players and is also one of the highlights of his career. He has always liked the 2K series of games very much, because he really appreciates the way the game spreads basketball culture. NBA 2K21 has done a perfect job in expressing all aspects of basketball culture. He hopes to enter the game and participate in the experience with his fans later this year.

Lillard, who could be a five-time NBA All-Star and was NBA Rookie of the Year in 2013, becomes the primary cover athlete from the Trail Blazers. He had previously been on the duvet of NBA 2K Online 2, a version of the series released in China.

The remaining covers are revealed over the subsequent two days: The next-gen cover athlete for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X owners are revealed Wednesday, and therefore the Legends cover athlete will go public Thursday. During a PS5 reveal event on June 11, New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson was the main target of a trailer for NBA 2K21, resulting in speculation that he may well be announced because the next-gen athlete.

NBA 2K21 will start pre-orders on July 2 and will be released in October 2020. At that time, it will be on sale on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. There is no official release date or news about the launch of NBA 2K21 on next-generation game consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, other companies, such as Madden and Electronic Arts, the maker of the FIFA franchise, have announced arrangements where customers can upgrade their games from PS4 / Xbox One to new consoles that have been announced for release this holiday season (( No date has been announced) Free.

Players can pre-order the NBA 2K21 game on the game's official website after July 3. Players who pre-order NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition will also receive additional digital gifts after entering the game. Players who have purchased the game can wait for the game to be played on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch after its official release on September 4. In addition, if players want to play NBA 2K21 on a new generation of game consoles such as PS5 and Xbox Series X, they need to pay an additional $10 to purchase the next-gen version of the game. Correspondingly, the developers of other sports simulation games choose to provide players with free game upgrade plans, which makes some loyal fans of NBA 2K dissatisfied. In any case, players should not ignore the role of NBA 2K21 MT in the game. With enough NBA 2K21 MT Coins, players can purchase card packs and open rare players in the game, and even buy the rarest players directly at the auction house to form an ideal NBA team. MMOSPT will help you easily deal with every challenge in NBA 2K21, because you can buy the cheapest NBA 2K21 MT Coins there.

Whenever the new year arrives in the summer, the well-known sports game developer EA Sports will start preparing for the release of Madden series of new games. During this period, not only the loyal fans of the Madden series will pay attention to the news of the game, those athletes in the NFL will also have enough interest in the game.

As a real sports simulation game that reflects the reality as a selling point, every player in Madden 21 corresponds to a real athlete. According to the actual performance of the players on the field, the statistics of the corresponding players in the game will also change and be modified in real time. EA Sports has recently started rating all players in Madden 21, which is very interesting. Because there is no way to accurately digitize the physical qualities of all players, the Madden 21 developers chose to Buy MUT 21 Coins rating based on their performance in the game. The result of this is that most players usually get a reasonable rating, while all other players may be overestimated or underestimated.

From the current situation, some players are very dissatisfied with their ratings in the game. And some players are very satisfied, such as Matt Ioannidis from Washington. As a defensive lineman, he has always been very confident in his physical strength. And his Strength rating in Madden 21 reached an astonishing 98 points, ranking second in the NFL, only one point lower than the number one Aaron Donald. Want to learn more about Madden 21? Please visit MMOSPT, MMOSPT will provide players with the safest MUT 21 Coins.

Entering his fifth season, Ioannidis only ranks behind Aaron Donald in terms of strength in Madden 21, which could be a pretty big feat when one MUT coins considers that Donald trains with knives to remain ready. back Derrius Guice chimed in on Instagram with a fairly bold claim, joking "I'm stronger" than Ioannidis within the comments of a post about the rating.

Ioannidis' full rating has yet to be shared, though leaked ratings have him because the second-best Washington player at 86, but the strength rating bodes well for his overall showing regardless of what.

Madden rating aside, the defensive lineman are a very important a part of what's a talented front seven in Washington. Underrated sometimes, Ioannidis recorded a career-high 8.5 sacks in 2019. With such a lot of talented pass rushers and only such a large amount of blockers, there is a chance he could top that in 2020.

At the same time, other Washington players have mixed their ratings in Madden 21. Chase Young, a rookie who has been performing well all season, received the highest overall rating of all rookies, reaching 80 points. Another veteran, Terry McLaurin, thought his rating was low. He was only 82 on the court with an offensive desire, which made his fans very dissatisfied. Adrian Peterson earned the lowest rating since his career started in Madden 21, only 78 points.

But in any case, Ioannidis's strength has been recognized by everyone, and this year is a promising year for Washington. If you are interested in Madden 21 and want to form your own powerful team in the game, then you can visit and add it to your favorites. Because you can buy cheap Madden 21 Coins at MMOSPT.

In recent months, the news about NBA 2K21 has attracted more and more attention. Both players and game media are looking forward to what surprises NBA 2K21 can bring to us. The facts show that the new game will not only bring surprises, but also may be confusing. According to the announcement of 2K Sports, the developer of NBA 2K21, there will be no free game upgrade plan for future players who are planning to use PS5 and Xbox Series X to play NBA 2K21.

According to the pre-sale price list released by 2K Sports on the official website, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of NBA 2K21 will still maintain the original price, and players can get a rich gaming experience for only $60. But it is worth noting that the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game will increase prices on this basis, and players need to pay an extra $10 NBA 2K21 MT Coins for this. According to the NBA 2K spokesperson's instructions, in order to make the game content and the performance of the new generation of game consoles have a better synergy, developers need to pay more efforts to improve the game. It can be said that the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of 2K21 are a new game developed from scratch, so a premium is inevitable. To provide as much convenience as possible for players, the suggested retail price of the new game is $70.

The spokesman said that the developers believe that the suggested retail prices of different versions of NBA 2K21 fully reflect the value provided by each product. Although the price of next-gen game has increased by $10, it is totally worth it. Because the developer has improved the game so that it can get better performance on the new generation of game consoles. This unique gaming experience can only be obtained on a new generation of consoles, including higher power, speed and more advanced technology.

2K Sports has full confidence in the latest work of the NBA 2K series. As the company's first cross-generation game, NBA 2K21 will make a huge leap in game quality. Most importantly, the support from the new hardware allows the game to show better visual effects. However, considering that the specific release dates of PS5 and Xbox Series X cannot be determined yet, it is their responsibility to prove this to all fans and loyal players of the NBA 2K series. In the future, developers will continue to reveal more Expecting new features.

At the press conference, some game media also consulted the spokesperson about the pricing of the new generation of games, because players want to know whether the next generation of games will uniformly set the recommended retail price to $70. The representatives of 2K Sports did not answer this question positively. Instead, he detailed how the company decided to price the new game.

The representative stated that it is unfair to discuss the pricing strategy of all next-generation games for the suggested retail price of the next-gen version of NBA 2K21, because not all upgraded versions of games are optimized like NBA 2K21. In any case, 2K Sports' pricing strategy focuses on using prices to reflect the value the game can provide to players. The developer firmly believes that the suggested retail price of $70 is very reasonable because the game has an almost unlimited replay value. Not only that, if you want to Buy MT 2K21 and get a better game experience at the beginning of the game, you can also ask for help at MMOSPT. MMOSPT is a professional sports game currency store designed to provide players with the cheapest products and the best quality services. At MMOSPT, you can not only get the latest news about the game, but also buy the cheapest NBA 2K21 MT on the market, which saves more money and ensures account security.

EA Sports is slowly unveiling its player ratings for Madden NFL 21 on. While the sport has yet to formally announced many of them so far, each team's 10 highest-rated players were leaked to Madden School on Monday.

Washington had no players rated an 88 overall or higher, and for a team that's coming off a 3-13 season, that creates sense. However, some of the ratings will definitely upset some Washington fans.

Standout wide receiver Terry McLaurin, who finished the 2019 season just nine yards in need of breaking the franchise's rookie receiving record, comes in at an 82 overall. For a player who Buy MUT 21 Coins accomplished plenty a year ago with little help around him -- to not mention fidgeting with three different quarterbacks -- that rating appears to be quite low.

For comparison, McLaurin's 82 rating is less than Buffalo's Cole Beasley (83), Cincinnati's Tyler Boyd (83), Philadelphia's Alshon Jeffery (84), New York's Golden Tate (84) and Pittsburgh's JuJu Smith-Schuster (86).

Of all those pass-catchers, only Boyd had more yards than McLaurin last season. He did so on nearly 50 more targets. McLaurin's seven receiving touchdowns were the best of the bunch, too.

On the opposite hand, back Derrius Guice received a generous 81 overall rating, despite only playing in five games last season. Guice has displayed his tremendous talent when he's been on the sphere, but the back has missed 27 of a possible 32 games over his first two NFL seasons and has had three separate knee surgeries.

Madden appears to possess an affinity for the third-year back, who also appeared within the game's promotional trailer last month.

Other notable ratings include defensive lineman Matt Ioannidis' 86 overall mark, the most effective rating of anyone along Washington's defensive front. Ryan Kerrigan (84), Daron Payne (83) and Jonathan Allen (82) follow. No. 2 overall pick Chase Young is reportedly an 80 overall, the best rating of any rookie within the game. Want to get rare players like Patrick Mahomes in Madden 21? Then you can visit and bookmark MMOSPT now to get information about cheap Madden 21 Coins for the first time. When Madden 21 is officially released, their professional team will start to provide the Cheap Madden 21 Coins most needed by players as soon as possible and ensure the absolute security of the account.

Last week, EA Sports invited some players to conduct a closed test before the official release of Madden 21, in order to collect player feedback and modify the shortcomings in the game. As one of the invited game media, the professional team of MMOSPT also participated in this closed test. In general, the content displayed in the beta of Madden 21 shows that this is a qualified Madden series of new games, but developers can also improve it in many ways. As the most popular and even the only NFL simulation game on the market, Madden should be the best. Continuing to read this article, you will Buy Madden 21 Coins and learn about the advantages of Madden 21, which will be released in August, and why players need Franchise Mode so much.

First of all, the animation in the game is very much improved compared to the previous work. In Madden 21, you can more easily make the Ball carrier and the defender players form a one-on-one situation. As long as you control a player with a high change-of-direction rating to run towards a more open area on the court, you can make many players on the defense side miss, which is a very kind for those players who are passionate about personal heroism. Interesting experience. It is worth mentioning that change-of-direction rating is one of the newly introduced player data in Madden 21.


Protective Line Play is Vastly Improved. Effectively, my preferred piece of the beta is the thing that has been done to the protective line play. The wait-and-see game felt great, and like a challenge inside a challenge, which is actually what I'd trusted it would be the point at which it was initially uncovered. 

QB Releases Feel a Ton Better. The capacity to get goes off while being forced is a genuine article, and it's a long past due progress. Likewise, I like the outcomes being directed by the planning of the crash, and how far into the tossing movement the player is during the situation. 

Everything that is acceptable about the demo, expecting it makes an interpretation of over to the retail form, would be such a great amount of better in a game that had a more fleshed-out establishment mode. 

Envision piling on details with a cautious lineman utilizing the new mechanics, or crushing records with running spirits on account of the new controls, and making match dominating throws since you can get goes off you couldn't previously, yet you're doing it all in an establishment mode that felt increasingly like an excursion, and a vivid encounter. It is difficult to evaluate the amount increasingly grateful fans could be of these new components. 

On the negative side, a portion of the inheritance Madden issues are as yet an issue. There aren't sufficient proper activitys for the entirety of the various types of crashes that occur in football. In this manner, we have these drenching breakers all through the ongoing interaction.

In Madden series games released by EA Sports in the past few years, these shortcomings are usually not obvious. Because even if the player is bored with most of the content in the game, he can always get a pleasant game experience in the rich Franchise Mode. Because in this mode, players can appreciate the profound connotation of the game and get an immersive game experience, so those shortcomings are narrowed or even ignored.

Unfortunately, EA Sports does not seem to intend to repair the popular Franchise Mode in Madden 21. Therefore, the content that has been modified and improved is covered up, and the shortcomings are amplified, making most players unbearable. But players should not be too anxious, because this article provides an introduction to the closed beta version, and maybe the developer will modify the official version of the game based on the player's feedback. In addition, MMOSPT will also provide the best support and help for all players who support Madden 21. One of MMOSPT's premium services is to help players save money, because their professional team will provide players with cheap Madden 21 Coins after the game is released, allowing players to spend less money to buy more Cheap Madden 21 Coins. As a professional MUT 21 Coins store, MMOSPT enjoys a high reputation among Madden players.

For players, the most important factor that attracts them to buy video games is the game's playability, and the price factor only occupies a small part of the players' desire to buy. But if the price of the series of games you have been buying suddenly increases, will you continue to buy the game to support developers?

Faithful users of the NBA 2K series are facing such a choice, because 2K Sports recently displayed the pre-order price list of the NBA 2K21 to be released in August on the official website. The icon contains all versions of NBA 2K21, including PC, Xbox One The standard version provided by players on the PS4 platform and a unique version launched to Buy NBA 2K21 MT commemorate Kobe Bryant, as well as an upgraded version prepared for the next-gen console that has not yet arrived.

What caused most players to discuss was the next-gen version of NBA 2K21. If you look closely at this price list, you will find that the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of NBA 2K21 are priced at $10 higher than the standard version. Players who pre-order the Mamba Forever version can play NBA 2K21 on the current and next-gen consoles at the same time, and enjoy a variety of additional gifts, so most users think that its price of $99.99 is reasonable.

Let’s see why the next-gen version, priced at $69.99, is unbearable to players. Many large game developers choose to release new games this year, including companies like Microsoft, Bungie and CD Projekt Red. They also said that they will provide new games for players who intend to use PS5 and Xbox Series X in the future, but their measures are not to sell higher-priced games alone, but to provide users with free game upgrade plans. Compared with the measures of these companies, 2K Sports seems too commercial. My personal opinion is that no matter whether developers want to please their fans, they should not let users pay more for the extra fees.

The other point to discuss is the $10 increment in cost for the up and coming age of games. Let's be honest, games are getting progressively costly to make as designs and innovation develop. Normally, with expansion, a cost increment is inescapable. There are two inquiries to pose however. To start with, will different organizations likewise increment their game costs? I figure they will. It just bodes well that after about 15 years, we'd see a value change. Second, is the change excessively? Truly, I don't think so. Truly, I think $60 is somewhat unpleasant for some increasingly easygoing gamers for what it's worth, however it's been at that cost for around 15 years. Innovation has made some amazing progress. Gaming engineer groups are continually developing. I think from a monetary stance, it bodes well and $10 isn't really awful. That is just a 16% expansion. More and more users choose to purchase third-party game services in MMOSPT, not only because MMOSPT always provides players with cheap products, but also because they can enjoy the best quality services in MMOSPT. This experienced online store is ready to serve players who are about to join NBA 2K21. If you want to Buy MT 2K21 after the game is officially released, then you can bookmark the official website of MMOSPT.

For most game developers, it is a difficult decision to balance commercialization decisions with the reputation of players. However, from the current news, at least NBA 2K21 developer 2K Games' decision was wrong. Over the past few years, many of the games released by the company have been flooded with micro-transaction systems, which has made 2K Games seem very greedy, and its reputation among the fan bases has rapidly declined. For example, WWE 2K20, this game is considered to be a semi-finished product with excessive damage after its official release. Even loyal fans of the series of games cannot accept such a lack of playability, so that WWE 2K20 has become the series' terminator, because 2K Games will no longer develop WWE 2K21.

Now, the company's decision in NBA 2K21 seems to violate the player's wishes again and has been strongly opposed by most players. At present, other console game developers provide free 2K21 MT upgrade plans for the latest released games, because PS5, Xbox X and other next-gen consoles will be released in the second half of this year. The free upgrade plan can make these players who have already purchased the game use in the future. There is no additional cost for playing games with new consoles. The method used by 2K Games is too greedy. The company does not provide a free upgrade plan for NBA 2K21, but has specifically developed the next-gen version of NBA 2K21 and intends to sell it at a more expensive price.

The main exemption to this is with $99.99 Mamba Forever Edition respecting Kobe Bryant, who disastrously died in January. Be that as it may, while this variant has extra substance (which you can likewise get on the off chance that you buy it explicitly for cutting edge), the current-gen adaptation will just net you the standard release for cutting edge. Players who are eager to endure it the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will likewise need to pay an extra $10 for the game, which will dispatch for $69.99 rather than the current business standard (and current-gen cost) of $59.99.

Clearly, this has not turned out well, with numerous gamers calling 2K's choice covetous. Most different distributers with games reported to be discharging for both current and cutting edge stages have focused on giving any individual who buys a game on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One a free update that exploits the new equipment. "Savvy Delivery" has been a tremendous piece of Microsoft's push for the Series X, and Crystal Dynamics as of late reported that Marvel's Avengers will be a free PS5 overhaul. Indeed, even Electronic Arts, who's confronted a lot of analysis for its strategic policies throughout the years, is offering something of the sort for Madden NFL 21. While it put a period limit on recovering the offer (a cutoff time it pushed by a while subsequent to confronting backfires), it's still more than 2K is advertising.

Even the most loyal fans of the NBA 2K series will not support the decision made by 2K Games this time because it seems too stupid. The next-gen version of NBA 2K21 is forcing players who want to upgrade to next-gen consoles to buy the game again, but this is unfair. In general, if 2K21 continues to maintain this decision, the sales of NBA 2K21 may not reach the expected level, and the series will lose the support of most fans. But if you are ready to buy NBA 2K21, then I suggest you collect the official website of MMOSPT, because this is an online store specializing in sports game currency. MMOSPT has many years of experience in sports game currency, and their professional team is very clear about what players want most. For players who want to build a strong team, a lot of NBA 2K21 MT For Sale is necessary. When you have a lot of 2K21 MT, you can get those high-scoring players. Visit MMOSPT and you will be able to buy the cheapest NBA 2K21 MT on the market at any time.

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