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This release of WoW Classic brings a fantastic experience to many nostalgic WoW players, including me. I have accumulated thousands of hours of adventure on the continent of Azeroth until the latest Battle of Azeroth. In the meantime, I defeated intergalactic demon armies and thwarted orc hordes from alternate timelines all while amassing the most powerful gear the universe has ever known.

But in WoW Classic, my character is always in danger in a cave full of 12-level troggs, and the final victory makes me experience a great sense of accomplishment. If you want to experience the past in WoW Classic, you must understand that this is not a simple nostalgic journey, you need to make full use of your unfamiliar game basics to get through the beginning of the game. And when you experience this feeling, believe me, you will love it. ZZWOW provides the best service for all WoW Classic players! You can buy the cheapest Classic WOW Gold, the fastest WoW Classic Boosting Service, at ZZWOW. They have the most professional staff and customer service, you can rest assured to buy everything you need.

Driven by pressure from the community, Blizzard finally decided to revitalize World of Warcraft in 2006. Although the adventure at WoW Classic was very difficult and frustrating, but through this opportunity, I also realized why I like World of Warcraft - whether it is good or bad, it is World of Warcraft, and I was more than ten years ago. The same is true when playing it. Until the big expansion in 2010 - after the Cataclysm, the game's system was greatly streamlined and Azeroth continent was forever changed, and World of Warcraft gradually became more and more different from the player's imagination.

The feeling of nostalgia is usually temporary, but WoW Classic explains why players originally intended to spend a lot of time in the early years of World of Warcraft. If you have already experienced the latest expansion of WoW Classic and World of Warcraft: the Battle of Azeroth, you will find that the biggest success of WoW Classic in addition to endearing and rewarding visual effects is its comprehensive RPG system and Challenging combat systems that make each class more specific in the team and make the game more social and encourage teamwork between players.

The latest expansion: The battle of Azeroth is in sharp contrast to WoW Classic, each player is very powerful, almost all the game content can be completed independently, except those dungeons and raids that need team challenges. This makes players less and less likely to make new friends. But in WoW Classic, players will always know new friends.

ZZWOW is a professional provider of third-party game services with many years of experience and a reputation among WoW players around the world. WoW Classic was officially released not long ago. If you need to buy cheap WoW Classic Gold or Boosting service, is your best choice. As long as you have enough WoW Classic Gold, you can buy whatever yo u need in the game.

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