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Recently, several social platform accounts and media have exposed a pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid Lakers, claiming that it is very likely to be sold this year, which has aroused widespread concern among shoe lovers. The pair of AJ1, known as the "black and yellow toe", has such a high heat, on the one hand from its eye-catching classic color. The social site instagram also exposed some details of the shoe. The combination of black and white and yellow is very eye-catching, and the design of the first year of loyalty, compared with the limited edition of friends and relatives last year, only canceled the limited stamp of the heel. Although NIKE officially has not released any news, if it can really achieve commercial sales, I believe that these "black and yellow toes" will definitely become one of the most sought-after shoes this year.Perhaps to pay tribute to James just surpassed Jordan in the NBA total score, to history 4th place. Officially released by NIKE, the 2006 Reissue of LeBron 3 "SVSM" will be officially released this month, with an estimated price of $175. The shoes are mainly white, with the toe, the sole, and the inner layer of the shoe with green, the buckle and the outer ring of the sole are complemented by bright gold.
The Jordan 11 Low Pink Snakeskin is a variant of the Air Jordan, launched in the 20th anniversary of the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 3, and is also the first draft of the design of the Air Jordan 3 by designer Tinker Hatfield. The Air Jordan 3 Tinker is still dominated by white, with the NIKE Swoosh on the outside and the NIKE uppercase on the inside. The inside of the tongue and the insole are also printed waith the signature of Tinker Hatfield, and the gray outsole completely restores Tinker Hatfield's original design for the Air Jordan 3. Saint Vincent-St. Mary's High School is the high school alma mater of the current NBA's first LeBron James. Because James became famous in high school and eventually entered the NBA as a high school student, the high school alma mater is of great significance. Each of his signature shoes and regional sneakers will also feature the St. Vincent-St. Mary High School Color Match (SVSM) in green and white. However, most of them are not available for sale, but are introduced in small quantities as limited by players PE or relatives.
Nike will launch the Nike Kyrie 5 Friends on the 21st of this month. This pair of shoes that debuted earlier than R4 and BB4 may have a slightly lower popularity, but the complex upper and the iconic exposed air cushion are quite old-fashioned. The taste of the shoes will also attract the current sneaker. At present, NIKE officially released the pictures, the three colors of Speed ​​Red/Metallic Silver, ClayOrange/Metallic Silver and Pure Black will be introduced, and the upper is also embellished with reflective details. The red-orange 2-color upper is infused with silver, and the Swoosh Logo is white, more dynamic; all-black color is black, and even more cool. The tongue and heel ring are attached to the exclusive logo of St. Vincent-St. Mary's High School. The overall design is refreshing, with both emotion and glory. Configuration, LeBron 3 uses the full palm ZOOM air cushion, with carbon plate, large-enclosed TPU, solid material, stable package, is a pair of practical shoes.
The Air Jordan 13 Atmosphere Grey continues its thundering year. After the versions Infrared, Jimmy Butler or Millennial Pink by Aleali May, the Air Jordan 6 Reflective Infrared is revealed in more detail.We were talking about it a few weeks ago when several photos revealing an upper fully 3M had leaked, now it's a real preview of the pair that is available. Indeed, it is via Instagram that Hanzuying unveiled the pair on and off feet.This Air Jordan 6 Reflective Infrared features a gray upper in a 3M coating, becoming completely reflective when the pair crosses a flash. The pair has a black tab and several Infrared details, including the heel tab, the block lace and the Jumpman of the tongue.The sole work completely resumes the sole of the Air Jordan 6 Infrared, with a combination Infrared, icye and black.The boots are given to the school team players.The Nike Zoom LeBron III, which will debut in Taiwan on Thursday, is the home player version of the year.
As we mentioned in the "Earth Day" Pack this year, Nike Air Force 1 will put more emphasis and attention to greener production and materials. Together with the set on store shelves, the "Plant Color" Pack will also appear.It consists of two versions of Nike Blazer Low and Nike Air Max 95. Their common feature is pastel colors and shades, and more importantly dyes used in their creation were based on plants. The upper, in turn, made of canvas.These Blazers are stained with dark and powdery pink. Whereas in the first case, AM95 is a powder pink, a yellow circle, two more shades of pink and an olive color; and in the other it's powder pink with beige, accompanied by shades of red and blue. All described models rest on whitish soles.The number was immediately hoisted by the school, and LeBron James, who jumped into the NBA, also gave back to his alma mater. In addition to donating $1 million to renovate the stadium in 2013, he also sponsored SVSM High School with Nike for many years and provided the exclusive color matching LeBron series.
From picking his Cavaliers and Heat to the current Lakers in the draft, LeBron James' signature Nike Kobe 1 shoes of different periods have different representative colors, but the Green/Gold is a string. His entire signature series is still present, because it represents the alma mater St. Vincent-St. Mary High School (also known as SVSM). In 1999-2003, he attended the high school for three years to win the state championship on behalf of the school team. After graduation, his jersey back. The heel symbolizes the school team mascot – the Shamrock embroidery of the Fighting Irish is one of the fascinating details of the SVSM version. I believe that The prospector is certainly no stranger to this pair of shoes, but maybe you have just read it on the Internet (or dream...XD) just like the editor. After all, it has never been publicly available before, only a small amount is being collected. Circulation between homes, now finally re-sold for sale, and finally no longer just right-click to save the picture!
It is a truism to say that the design of this Air Jordan 5 Paris For Cheap multicolored velvet is successful. From a vintage cap to the model you all know, it's worth a hat trick. Tributes, it rains to watch what the customizers offer us. The blockbuster of the Air Max Day 2018 is at the origin of several customized pairs and not only Nike. For example, it is very interesting to see what his colors look like on a Vans. The Old Skool SW slams well. I would not be so excited about the rather average Adidas Ultra Boost. The Nike Air Monarch IV is a delusion above all. The Air Jordan 3 takes liberties and is illustrated by its artistic dimension. A baroque painting (The Fall of the Rebellious Angels by Luca Giordano) and an emoji on the tongue add to the hues of the Wotherspoon. This big anything does not hurt too much. The result is not surprising on the Air Max 97, the pair having offered his upper to the hybrid model.
The Air Jordan 6 Flint Grey continues to explore the vast world of colors. After unveiling in the pack The Shark, the Air Max Plus dresses with a multicolored iteration.This Air Max Plus offers a white base on the mudguard, the top of the tongue, the back and the front plastic protection. The main part of the upper offers a multicolored hue ranging from yellow to pink through blue.The work sole follows exactly the same principle as the upper one because there is a unit Air-sole taking the multicolored gradient concentrated in a white midsole.As part of the Flight Utility project, Jordan Brand officially presents three new models, the photos of which you can see below. I am talking about Jordan Proto-Max 720, as well as Jordan Proto-React and Jordan Apex React. I kept the 2 best for the end, the Air Force 1 Low and the Air Max 1. The last one was created from a Crepe Sole.
So we have two models, Nike Air Max 720 Triple Black and Proto React, which provide high and good cushioning, while the uppers in each of these projects we see the air inspiration. On the other hand, the innovative Apex React has a upper made of Flyknit yarn with a top similar to Air Jordan 1, which was made of the same material. Each of the models mentioned in this entry will have a characteristic belt fastened with velcro, and two models are equipped with specific eyelets for laces.All three projects present the future of the Jordan brand, proving that the team of designers and creators has a new vision both in terms of technology and depreciation as well as in general design.Each of the visible shoes here: Jordan Proto-Max 720, as well as Jordan Proto-React and Jordan Apex React, you will see on the shelves on April 1, so look at the details and get the funds to buy in the official Jordan Brand store.
Basketball, tennis, baseball, Nike once again exerted creativity, combined with the elements of these three ball sports, all assembled on the Nike Air VaporMax Plus Tropical Sunset to create a pair of children's exclusive shoes Nike Air Force 1 LV8, like to let The children are diversified and cultivate different interests.And with the combination of 3 sports, how do you see how Nike uses these elements? The leather texture of the skull is used for the hoe, and the baseball stitching is added to the side of the shoelace and the side of the shoe, while the other green and green areas such as the Swoosh and the logo on the tongue echo the surface of the tennis fluff. And these three elements match, the color also subtly shows the breath of spring. High quality materials. The current release information about this Air Jordan 11 Low is still in an unknown state, and interested friends are also waiting patiently for our follow-up reports.
In addition to the well-known popular shoes in the Jordan Brand series, the Air Jordan 12 UK has received much attention in the past two years, and the level of attention of the Air Jordan 11 can be said to be quite high. According to the latest news from reliable insiders, Jordan Brand is expected to launch a new color matching Air Jordan 11 Low. The overall color of the shoes shown in the picture is Air Jordan 11 Low. The overall color is pink as the theme color of the shoes. The pure white color matching with it is used as the base color. Not only the python-like leather fabric selected for the shoes also highlights the shoes.Since the signing of James and Nike, each of his personal signature shoes or part of the branch will be dedicated to the Saint Vincent-St. Mary High School Color Matching (SVSM), but most of them are never commercially available.
I believe everyone who likes to watch the ball must know that LeBron James,Nike M2K Tekno Racer Blue, the first person in the basketball world, became famous. In 2003, he entered the NBA directly as a high school student. If you've ever seen James's personal documentary "More Than A Game," you'll also know that his alma mater, St. Vincent-St. Mary's High School, has a special meaning for him, where he has gained countless honors and built a deep brotherhood. Let everyone only have an eye addiction.However, recently Nike officially issued a set of pictures. Since last year, LeBron 3 will launch SVSM exclusive color matching. It will be marketed this month. The main body of the shoe is mainly white at home, supplemented by its high school iconic green embellishment shoes. The body lining and the outsole are all beautifully decorated with the iconic gold accents on the lace buckle, Swoosh silhouette and tongue pattern. However, although this time it is for the market, there are not many people. It is still difficult to start.
It was a rumor a few months ago, it's now an official thing. The third version of the Air Jordan 1 Light Cream will be released at the end of 2019.As a reminder of the historical fact, it was in Italy, during a Nike tour in 1985 that Michael Jordan literally destroyed a basketball board on a devastating dunk. That day, MJ was wearing an orange and black jersey with his number written in white. This is where the legend of the SBB comes from and it is on this basis that Jordan will offer us a new version of the famous colorway.It is this combo that we find on this umpteenth mock up. The pale vanilla disappears from the top to give way to a combination of black color enhanced by orange, all in full grain leather.The sole work offers a combination of a pale vanilla midsole and a black outsole. A baroque painting (The Fall of the Rebellious Angels by Luca Giordano) and an emoji on the tongue add to the hues of the Wotherspoon. This big anything does not hurt too much. In a year of existence, the Nike Air Max 270 will have poured a lot of ink and paint Angelus. It is a truism to say that the design of this Air Max multicolored velvet is successful. From a vintage cap to the model you all know, it's worth a hat trick. Tributes, it rains to watch what the customizers offer us. The blockbuster of the Air Max Day 2018 is at the origin of several customized pairs and not only Nike. For example, it is very interesting to see what his colors look like on a Vans. The Old Skool SW slams well. I would not be so excited about the rather average Adidas Ultra Boost. The Nike Air Monarch IV is a delusion above all. The Air Jordan 3 takes liberties and is illustrated by its artistic dimension.The result is not surprising on the Air Max 97, the pair having offered his upper to the hybrid model. I kept the 2 best for the end, the Air Force 1 Low and the Air Max 1. The last one was created from a Crepe Sole. Best Jordans 2019 is still strong, especially the release of key colors, even the extended shoes have become popular, and now the exposed Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 also has a detailed picture of the Lakers color map.Naturally, as the name of this sneaker design shows, the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 combines the design features of two pairs of shoes, in which the logo shoe type runs naturally, and the yellow Swoosh Logo combines with the purple and white shoe color scheme to create a natural A fairly clear theme texture. The scratch design is also in it, and you can see the obvious color changes after wearing the time. Compared to other popular color schemes, this theme is quite friendly. In addition, this new color matching Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 will be launched in April, please continue to lock.
I believe many people have noticed that Jordan 4 Do The Right Thing has begun to add more and more new elements to its shoes. Naked pink has become a hot spot in recent days. This time, Air Jordan 1 once again brought a new color scheme. The shoe named "Crimson Tint" is mainly made of black. It is matched with nude pink, and the lychee and traditional leather are stitched to create the upper.Nike designers have a gift for us again! Before you, the third original color scheme of Nike Air Max2 Light shoes from years ago, which returns to store shelves. Earlier, we wrote about Blue Lagoon and White / Purple, and today we have for you official photos of the White / Black version - Habanero Red.The second pair consists of a gray upper also dressed in a gray suede lacing system. For the rest, the colors are reversed compared to the first pair, making these two colors the perfect pack to match with two-star jerseys that are our pride. Both pairs are based on a sole with React technology providing comfort and optimizing the stride of the user.
Just like it was 25 years ago, now and then Nike Air VaporMax 2019 CNY shoes come with a red and white mesh, which was complemented with red panels in the lower parts of the upper and white on its sides and at the binding. Black Swoosh on the side and reflective elements oan the back of the shoe complete the designers' thought. Black also appears on the red tongue. All this was mounted on a white sole with a green Air Max system under the heel.After the success of the release of the Nike React Element 87 Royal Tint, the ultimate innovation of the American giant continues to speak with the arrival of two new colors of React 55. The first of them is adorned with an upper predominantly white contrasted by a red lateral swoosh. The lacing system is presented in a piece of gray suede, surmounted by a blue tongue. Other blue details come to harmonize the visual balance of this pair not without remembering our tricolor flag.
The first Air Jordan 1 Light Cream by designer Nike Tinker Hatfield, Air Jordan 3 Tinker is now ready to meet another element imagined by the legendary designer. With the University Red iteration, Air Jordan 3 Tinker meets the iteration of the Air Max 1 Og.A small detail of the Nike Air Max 1 White SE Orange Team a AM1 like no other, have you noticed? The element blends so much in its design that it goes almost unnoticed. Still do not see? A pull tab pardi! The little zipper is on the tongue of the white Air Max One for men, just above the reflective patch. It will allow you to put on it more easily. To return to his combo, it is based on a remarkable contrast that has nothing to envy to that of a Nike 97 Pure Platinum. Clearly minimalist, the immaculate shoe features an orange swoosh, a hue that is found at the level of its air bubble and on its insole.
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of some of the best and most popular Nike LeBron 16 I Promise in history. The fours, because they are talking about them, made their debut on the market in 1989 and to this day they are recognized among sneakerheads and not only. If you are curious about them, check out our article with the history of Jordan 4.Turning to the hero of this entry, the main inspiration when designing them was the time when His Airline was flying above the hoops on basketball courts NBA. These memories were behind the design of the Flight Nostalgia version.
The design of the Nike Shoes is based on white leather, which is accompanied by a white mesh with a black base. The latter color was also used to stitch the first and last eyelets for laces, as well as on the lining and on the back of the upper, where the white Jumpman is visible.It is the middle sole, which in the second part is gray-white with a red bottom, as well as side wings at the binding
A few days ago, we showed you Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 in the Lakers color scheme, which was only a small part of the upcoming venture. Today we have another version of One's for you.In this case, jumpmana designers and those from the Nike skateboard branch decided to bet on the whitish color falling into a very light gray. Do not let this fool you, because part of the panel will have an abrasive paint, so each shoe will eventually look different in each of us. The complement is a black collar, a black Swoosh and a tongue with a binding.The character of this project is given by accents finished with spots resembling splash paint. .With the end of the star game, the pair of black and white Nike Kyrie 5 is also available for sale in foreign countries. The black and white combination can show the contour design of the pair of shoes.
Nike has created the Jordan 1 Mid GS White Plaid Online with the theme of "Mount Fuji" in Japan. The shoes are designed around Japanese elements. There are pictures of Mount Fuji on the tongue, which makes the sun evenly integrated into the Air Max 95. In the airmax logo, it adds fun, the sole also says "Tokyo", and the color is also blue, which represents the Japanese indigo dye. And the most eye-catching thing about shoes is the JUST DO IT word on the shoe.The upper is composed of different dense meshes, while the inner layer is black with a strong white color difference. It is obvious that the designer has adapted the mesh size of different parts. The sole has a marbled finish that adds to the overall richness of detail.
Last year was dominated by the Best Jordans 2019 and the year 2019 will dominate the slogan "Have a Nike Day". We've been showing you a lot of different models, but I do not think it was a long-time classic - Nike Air Force 1 High.Below you can find official photos of it, thanks to which you will get to know it more accurately before the premiere. Just like a few predecessors, the designers put on a combination of black with peach and turquoise, which were broken with white.A dot over and seems to be a "face with Swoosh instead of a smile" which was used as a lacelock.
In order to help students continue to promote the Air Jordan 6 Flint program globally, Jordan Brand has also cooperated with the Family Foundation in Taiwan in recent years, and during the NBA Charlotte All-Star Game, the brand continued the project and used it specially. Air Jordan 4 'Wings' PE presented to Social Status principal James Whitner for his contribution to the community. Fifteen years ago, he was dying because of gun violence. Amazingly, the upper was also slightly changed, but rather the materials from which it was made. Top of the toebox and side panels are made of durable nylon braid. Now he is responsible for the shoe store Social Status and is working with Jordan Brand to provide scholarships to Charlotte's local children. James Whitner said: "It is hard to imagine having these opportunities.
The appearance of Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG has been proven for a long time, and even the low-cut shoes that were exposed earlier appeared on the Grammy scene. The combination of black, white and brown, the suede and leather are combined to create a very specific texture. The flipped Swoosh Logo is a design highlight. Combined with the “Cactus Jack” design that appears in the details, it is definitely a heavyweight. Cooperation.I always wanted to connect with the children, because at the age of them I was at the stage of being the most desperate and lost myself, so I want to let the children know that regardless of their Jordan Legacy 312 UK, they can have a choice."
The latest sensation from Nike Air Max 720 returns with a red engineered mesh dress, along with various black TPU inserts. A matching mini swoosh, the Air Max branding of the tongue, and a translucent air bubble visible at 360 ° complete this two-tone set.The season of white sneakers starts in a good month. Among the pristine models, the AF1 is one of the big must-haves. If there is one that gives off a springtime scent, it's the Air Force 1 '07 Premium 2 Jelly Swoosh White Volt Hyper Jade. His big comma whose gradient goes from fluo green to jade green is electric. It goes with its outsole, also in an eye-catching shade. Its construction proves a disconcerting simplicity but the sneaker has what it takes where it is needed.
The Jordan 4 Silt Red 2019 is one of the most popular sneakers worldwide. Hardly any other sneaker has experienced as many colorways as the classic. Now something new has been tried out on the Nike Air Force 1 LV8 Utility. For example, the swooshes have been changed a bit, rather a mini swoosh has been added to the upper. The sole is well known on the LV8 models slightly higher than the normal Air Force. You will also find smaller details in the area of the large swooshes. Now, paying attention to Nike's current collaborations, a first off-white comes to mind. Also we find that the Air Force 1 has taken over a few design elements from the school Virgil Ablohs. All in all, we find both color combinations more than successful - but the white colorway wins our hearts.
Named directly by Air Jordan 4 UK, the same as the previous Nike Dunk SB, the panda is used directly to name the black and white color. In addition to the white upper and the same textured upper with the same pleats, the black upper is made of a special material similar to the fur. It is expected that this color will be officially released in 2019, and we will continue to bring you the latest release news.The shoes are decorated in pure white, complemented by red accents and other details. The pair of shoes is scheduled to be officially released on April 6. Don’t miss it if you like it.
The nearest reissue of the Air Jordan 6 Infrared? This is the opinion of a Jumpman addict who has in his possession all the Jordan 6 Infrared since the first. Admittedly he recognizes that each retro basketball has its particularity but the latest in date is the best replica. It corrects the default of the Retro 6 of 2014 whose red accents turn pink. A gap that earned him a sarcastic nickname: Infrapink.The 2019 version brings back the "Nike Air" logo as well as the Nike x Jumpman stopper. The first element is fundamental for a majority of purists. Its absence since the Black Infrared VI of 2000 was a real stumbling block. Always in the interest of fidelity, the nubuck and the reflective details are preserved. The Infrared is one of the most important releases of the year for Jordan Brand. Easy cop for that? The wait is immense considering its popularity and its proximity to the AJ6 of 91.
Why a release of the Best Jordans 2019 the most popular this year and not in 2 years on the occasion of his 30th birthday? Every Air Jordan OG tells a moment of MJ's career. Now, the story of the black and red Air Jordan 6 began on the floors of Charlotte, during the NBA All Star Game of 1991. 28 years later, the great mass of the basketball takes place again in the city of Caroline of North. A bargain seized to bring out the collector. Those who think they will have nothing to put in their mouths in 2021 are wrong. A little restock or colorway ever released by Tinker Hatfield, all options are open.I was asked about the quantities produced. The info did not filter although the indicators tend towards a general release.The Air Jordan 1 continues its momentum of early 2019. After the Jordan 1 Crimson and the upcoming release of the Turbo Green, the Air Jordan 1 Couture will see the light of day very soon.This Air Jordan 1 takes again the theme of the Jordan 1 Banned, and its mythical history of non-compliance with color codes imposed by the NBA.
The Nike React Element 55 is a slightly modified and lower priced version of the 87's. The design itself is largely unchanged. It is only the materials on the upper part and insert the sole that Nike has replaced. Where React Element 87 comes with leather and suede details, as well as an inner sole of cork, the React Element 55 comes with a textile upper with the usual insoles.The shoes also borrow design lines from the original Nike running shoes, such as the Internationalist, and are additionally filled with the latest technology in sports innovation. This applies to, among other things, the well-known React technology, which ensures a completely unsurpassed comfort.The pair therefore uses a well-known Jordan Brand color code. Indeed, this Air Jordan 1 Couture is composed of a leather upper slightly faintly varnished and mostly tinged with black. A red stripe comes around both shoes, highlighting the swoosh and passing behind the heel.Be on the lookout!The special week All Star Game will see the arrival of another Jordan 6, a collaboration with Social Status. The black sneaker leather reptile and pony hair will be much more limited.
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