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Kansas City Chiefs No. 1 wide receiver Tyreek Hill suffered what looked to be a wrist injury followed by a foot injury in the team’s game against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.Hill even went as far as describing his foot as “bad” to reporters Justin Houston Color Rush Jersey , according to NBC Sports.He still finished with eight receptions for 139 yards and one of the biggest catches of the game as the Chiefs faced fourth-and-9 late in the fourth quarter.With the release of running back Kareem Hunt and the questions surrounding the foot injury to Sammy Watkins, the Chiefs could ill afford to lose Hill, especially with such an important game coming up against the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday night.But that won’t be the case, according to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.Cue the day-to-day jokes.“I’m sure he’s sore,” head coach Andy Reid said on Monday. “If I was a betting man, I’d probably say that he’d play. He loves to play the game.”Presuming Hill is actually “day to day” and not Eric Berry “day to day,” it is a good bet that Hill plays on Thursday night, which should be pleasing to quarterback Patrick Mahomes.“He means a lot to the whole entire team,” Mahomes said of Hill on Monday. “Just the attention that he gets from defenses. They have to game-plan for him, kind of like (Travis) Kelce, so it opens up everybody else but then he’s still able to make plays and beat double teams or beat tight coverage and that’s something that truly helps take our offense to the next level.”Mahomes was proud of Hill’s willingness to stay in the game despite his ailments on Sunday.“He’s a fighter,” Mahomes added. “You see that by how he plays and it shows how well he is at becoming a receiver and not having to rely on speed every single route. He just relies on his route running now and the speed—that takes him over the top.”One of our winners from Sunday, Hill has a career-high 1,258 yards on the season to go along with his team-leading 11 touchdowns. He is 133 yards away from tying the franchise record for a single-season receiving yard output with three games to play. Editor’s note: Kansas City Chiefs safety Armani Watts underwent successful core muscle surgery last week and is now on the team’s injured reserve list. What does that mean , exactly? For that, we bring in our in-house injury expert, Aaron Borgmann.We found out last week that a player for the Kansas City Chiefs had surgery to repair something known as a core muscle injury. Since that term is somewhat new in the sports injury world, let’s break it down a bit and describe the situation for those who may not know much about it.When I first started my sports medicine career, this injury was known by the terms, “sports hernia,” “goalie groin,” and sometimes, “athletic pubalgia.” These names have gone by the wayside due to their lack of specificity and inaccuracy. At its most basic explanation, this condition is defined by tearing or multiple small tears of structures that attach to your pubic bone. Think of a suspension bridge – the bones are the steel or concrete girders and the muscles are the tension cables. If one cable is fraying, the whole system is going to not support correctly. (area of discussion is focused to yellow portion of bone highlighted)It is important to note that due to the various structures that attach here (groin muscles from below, as well as abdominal muscles from above) that symptoms for this condition as well as onset can vary quite a bit. It can be chronic or acute, sharp or dull, debilitating or something people can play through. It really does all depend on the amount of damage that the athlete has sustained. Since there are over a dozen variants of how this condition may present itself Marcus Allen Color Rush Jersey , accurate diagnosis of what structures need to be repaired is key. Specific MRI images or “cuts” can assist with this.It should also be noted that some athletes discover that they have this condition and elect not to have surgery and instead rehab through it. There are many successful cases of this as well. As with anything else, this is very athlete and specific condition dependent.Due to the fact that we were told this athlete suffered from the groin variant we can break that down a bit and tease out what the most likely intervention was. With the groin (adductor) muscles being involved the most likely intervention was either an adductor release (where the muscle is completely cut and allowed to scar down on its own) or a full-on repair (where it is sutured together). The release of a muscle sounds like it would be a bad thing, but there are enough other supporting structures to help pick up the slack and return to function and pain relief are the goals here. Rehab here is interesting and unique. Many surgeries call for a rest period, but not here. Within the first couple of days, post operation, the first thing you do is walk a mile on the treadmill. Doesn’t matter how long it takes or how fast you go, you walk a mile. Sounds crazy, but this is done to help the repair scar in. I have seen it take 80 minutes, I have seen people do it in 25 (again, this is very dependent upon the patient what structures had to be repaired). Specific soft tissue work over the repaired structures and a lot of ice assists in pain relief early on. Rehab continues with a lot of specific sequential muscle firing and how to learn to use your true core muscles (things like multifidus and transverse abdominus – NOT ABS) to help support your pelvis. There is additional work done including lots of resistance in key positions to stress the supporting structures is beneficial here. Think of lunges and squats with rubber-band resistance while firing your pelvic floor muscles. It’s not easy!Athletes generally feel pretty good within a matter of weeks and some surgeons will tell you that they can return to play at this point. This has not been my experience and have always thought to avoid re-injury here that it was better to give the athlete more time and truly get the rehab portion of this injury correct.No matter the variance, these repairs all have good outcomes in my experience. The surgery is quick, as well as minimally invasive. The rehab generally goes smoothly. No matter when this athlete returns you can probably assume that he will be 100 percent when back on the field.Aaron Borgmann is the founder of Borgmann Rehab Solutions. He spent 12 years in the NFL as an assistant athletic trainer and physical therapist before joining Arrowhead Pride.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders are getting ready to square off at 4:25 p.m. ET in Week 14 Hines Ward Jersey , and to get a better idea of what black-and-gold fans can expect from the Raiders when they visit the black hole, I reached out to Levi Damien, editor of Sliver and Black Pride, SB Nation’s Raiders website, to get a feel for what is going on on the other side of the fence.I was able to ask him a few questions, and you can check out his answers below. The Raiders are certainly an ‘interesting’ team this year. What is the fan base’s thoughts on Jon Gruden and the direction of the team? I suppose there are some interesting things about this team. In the eye-brow-raise kind of way. Trade away the best defender in the league and then watch in wonder as the pass rush becomes historically bad and players start pleading for to be released or traded before midseason. There are, of course, a wide array of opinions about Jon Gruden and the directions of the team. Not everyone couples Gruden with their displeasure at the direction of the team. There have been some reports/rumors lately that perhaps it was Mark Davis who made the decision to trade Mack because he thought the team offered a fair offer and Mack’s agent, Joel Segal, balked. Gruden sure wasn’t making moves back in March and April that suggested the team was headed for another rebuild. But once Mack was traded, the rebuild was in full effect. Soon another former Reggie McKenzie top pick (Amari Cooper) was traded for a first round pick as well, removing two of the former building blocks of this team. We don’t know if Gruden has the ability to build a team up practically from scratch.A lot has gone wrong in Oakland, but what has gone right? What are some positives Steelers fans should know/be concerned about heading into Sunday’s game?The positives are Jared Cook and the cornerbacks. Other areas have had their moments, but not consistently. Derek Carr is coming off his best performance of the season against the Chiefs and their bad defense, but he hasn’t performed well against more stout defenses. The Steelers haven’t won in Oakland since 1995. What are some reasons the Raiders can pull off yet another upset?Carr will have to shake off what is sure to be another several sacks and stand tall in the pocket, when a pocket is there. That’s pretty much the key to everything for the Raiders. That may seem simplistic considering he plays the most important position in football, but that’s what it comes down to. The two rookie tackles aren’t going to help him out much. He was sacked three times last week against the Chiefs Lynn Swann Color Rush Jersey , and still managed to help Jordy Nelson and Jared Cook have big days while throwing for 3 touchdowns. The defense is not going to step up and make his life easier. If the Raiders are to have a chance, it will be because they won a high scoring game. How do you think the Raiders will try and slow down the high-powered Pittsburgh offense?They aren’t getting any pressure on Roethisberger, so he will have a lot of time to find a receiver. Tahir Whitehead will probably spy Roethlisberger a good portion of the time. From there it’s the corners trying to blanket the receivers to force Roethlisberger to either leave the pocket, or give the Raiders plate tectonic speed pass rushers time to get to him to force a bad throw or something. The Pittsburgh Steelers are back-to-back winners for the first time in this 2018 season after a solid performance vs. the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium in Week 6. With the team now able to relax on their bye-week in Week 7, they will hope to improve on their 3-2-1 record by beating the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens in Weeks 8 and 9. Something I did last season and I’m going to start again is the Black-and-gold Links article. This is an article where I take stories from quality news sources across the Internet and add them here for your viewing pleasure. I won’t be posting the entire articles, but I’ll link each story and author so that you can read the full article. Today we talk about how we all might have been spoiled with the early success of JuJu Smith-Schuster. When the Steelers selected James Washington in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft, most expected a similar production from the former Oklahoma State product, but it just hasn’t happened yet. So, what gives?Let’s get to the news:James Washington fighting through slow start with SteelersBy: Joe Rutter, Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewIn his first professional game, he wasn’t targeted for a pass. In his second, he had three catches for 16 yards. In his third, he caught two passes.JuJu Smith-Schuster’s production at the outset of his rookie season didn’t generate banner headlines or foreshadow an emerging star wide receiver. He was like most first-year pass-catchers, struggling to find his footing in the NFL.The Pittsburgh Steelers weren’t alarmed by Smith-Schuster’s lack of productivity in the first half of the 2017 season, which is why they aren’t concerned about James Washington’s slow start this season.Through six games, Washington’s totals are five receptions on 14 targets for 49 yards and one touchdown.“It’s a process for him,” said Darryl Drake , the long-time wide receivers coach who is in his first year with the Steelers. “We have to push him along faster and get him more involved. When the opportunities come for him, he has to deliver.”Washington hasn’t delivered in each of the past two games. He didn’t have a catch and was on the field for just 16 snaps Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals as the Steelers utilized two and sometimes three tight ends in formations.The week before, against Atlanta, Washington had a drop and then was called for pass interference on a deep pass.“It just takes time,” Washington said. “It’s not going to happen overnight. You’ve got to keep coming to practice and try to get better and better and take coaching. It’s hard at times, but you have to be available.”Smith-Schuster had similar issues last season although they weren’t as pronounced. He had 15 catches for 192 yards and two touchdowns after his sixth game. His breakthrough came in Week 8 when he caught seven passes for 193 yards, including a 97-yard touchdown, against Detroit.Smith-Schuster had two more 100-yard games and finished with 58 catches for 917 yards and seven scores.Drake thinks it’s only a matter of time before Washington gets beyond the growing pains that rookie receivers typically endure.“In the pro game, we ask them to do so much,” he said. “They have to understand the coverages, they have to understand what the safeties are doing, they have to understand the concepts of what we are asking them to do and they have to be able to make a decision in less than a second.“The thing I try to get them to do is not think – react. The game is a reaction game, and you have to react the right way. You have to make sure you are going right instead of left.”Tim Benz: Steelers on ‘wasteful’ Le’Veon Bell speculationBy: Tim Benz, Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewCameron Heyward had some advice for the Steelers media members who might be working over the bye weekend.Some of us might try to find Le’Veon Bell in an attempt to figure when — or if — the running back is going to report to the team.”If y’all have to put out an Amber Alert or a milk carton, do what you gotta do,” joked Heyward.James Conner’s emergence as a reliable lead running back the past few weeks has mitigated the need to go that far. During the previous two games — wins against Atlanta and Cincinnati — the second-year product from Pitt has totaled 314 yards from scrimmage.Those results have put continued games of “Where’s Waldo” with Bell on the back burner.So if offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner ever was worried about keeping a packet of plays ready for whenever Bell ends his absence, the coach doesn’t appear to be concerned now.”I just think it would be wasteful time management to think about it Greg Lloyd Jersey ,” Fichtner said Wednesday. “When it happens, it happens. We move on from there.”But like many Steelers fans, Fichtner seems torn over the reality with Bell. On the one hand, Fichtner is referring to preparation surrounding a potential Bell return as “wasteful.” On the other, the coach seemed to yearn for when Bell’s talents are back on the field.Fichtner was asked about the prospect of having two running backs — i.e., Conner and Bell — capable of running the ball and catching it with great effectiveness on the field together.”I’ll take four if we can have them,” Fichtner deadpanned. “We want all the good players we can get.”Le’Veon Bell saga: Post-bye plans, payouts, locker room pranksBy: Jeremy Fowler, ESPNLe’Veon Bell is not in the building.The Pittsburgh Steelers have one practice left before breaking for the bye. Bell can show up at any time, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the team doesn’t expect that to be this week.Now is a good time to dissect what’s next for Bell and the Steelers in this weekly saga.Where does this story go next?Bell’s plan was to utilize the two-week period between the bye and the Browns game in Week 8 to get back into the football swing with extra practice time. The Steelers open Week 8 with what they call a “bonus Monday” practice, which Bell can utilize. If Bell doesn’t show by next week, it’s possible his plans have changed.This is a fluid situation featuring a team actively trying to trade an unsigned player who hasn’t kept in contact with it. More fireworks are expected.How do the Steelers’ expectations for Bell’s reporting correlate with Bell’s plans privately?That’s a key factor here. Bell hasn’t talked to the team in months, and that’s strategic. Not informing the club of when he’ll show is exercising his leverage as an unsigned player. And unless there’s a franchise-tag stipulation that Bell must notify the team in writing of his return, Bell can simply show up when he wants.How might this play out?Last season, Bell showed up on a Friday to take his physical and signed his tender the following Monday. Following the same plan for this week and next is not out of the question but would be a bit clunky. The building will be empty save a few trainers or staff members.Bell is from Columbus, Ohio Ben Roethlisberger Color Rush Jersey , so when he leaves Miami, where he’s been training, he’ll likely return home for a day or two, then transition to Pittsburgh for the fall and winter months.How did the bye-week dynamic play into this?Over the weekend, the NFL Network reported the Steelers aren’t obligated to pay Bell his $855,000 salary for the bye week because there’s no game to be played. I checked on this and can confirm it. I don’t know if Bell stayed away because of that, but it could be a factor.A few weeks ago, Bell used his official Instagram account to “like” a SportsCenter post about a timeline for Bell’s return.So how does the immediate payout work upon his return?Well, the two-week roster exemption looms large here. The Steelers can withhold pay for those two weeks if they see fit -- or see unfit, if Bell is not in game shape. The best guess here is Bell will report game-ready. Otherwise, why show up at all? Once Bell is in the building, the Steelers can make that call.

What up tho? Welcome to the first edition of Tee’s Corner for 2018! I’m ready to offer my own views and opinions on the state of the New Orleans Saints secondary and very glad that I did not share my opinion after week one. In fact New Orleans Saints Customized Jerseys , any opinion that would have come out within the first month, would’ve painted a horrible picture of failure, doom, and gloom. Or not. I’m a fairly optimistic writer and I like to analyze corners and give them a chance to settle in before I call for their heads. Let’s get to it! I’ll take a look at the entire starting secondary and we’ll start with the safety position. We’ll then taking a look at the 3 cornerbacks who get the most snaps. If I have to point out the weakest link in the secondary as of today, my attention immediately shifts to strong safety. The position is manned by Vonn Bell (PFF 72.4, #31 S) and Kurt Coleman (PFF 60.0, #70 S). The results have been mixed at best and in some cases very bad. In run support, both Bell and Coleman have been good. The problem lies in their ability to cover tight ends and sometimes running backs. Bell has actually regressed a tad bit in coverage in comparison to 2017 and he is also getting home less on blitzes going from 4.5 last year to 0 in 2018. Coleman has completely fallen off from his play with the Panthers, and is being out-snapped by Bell. As great as the signing of Demario Davis has been, signing Coleman seems like a dud so far. Fortunately, second year free safety Marcus Williams (PFF 74.5, #26 S) is playing at a very high level and shows no signs of a hangover from the 2017-18 playoffs. Williams has remained consistent and allows defensive coordinator Dennis Allen to be flexible in his coverage on the back end. After a rocky week one that seemed to overwhelm the young player, he’s settled into a groove and is stopping the big play, essentially eliminating long gains by the opposition.The cornerback position has seen its fair share of ups and downs in 2018 but a savvy acquisition, just before the trade deadline has proven to be vital to improving the defense. After starting the season with confidence and returning starters Marshon Lattimore and Ken Crawley, the Saints added one of the best slot/nickel CBs of 2017 in Patrick Robinson. The defense looked set to continue its upward trend in 2018. All it took was a little Fitzmagic to reveal a glaring weakness in the defense - the steep decline of Ken Crawley. I will not use this article to shame a player, so I will say that a number of things seem to have negatively impacted his play including poor match-ups, confidence, and lost physicality, and piling up penalties. Regardless of the reason, there was a ripple effect throughout the secondary.After several weeks of sketchy play in the secondary, New Orleans made a move and traded for former 1st round pick Eli Apple (PFF 57.6, #96 CB). A move that would pay dividends in many ways. Right about the time the pass rush started to find its way, Apple arrived to provide a perceived bandage opposite Marshon Lattimore (PFF 74.6, #22 CB), that stopped the hemorrhaging. What actually happened is the Saints found a quality #2 CB who can neutralize opposing #1 WRs (with a little safety help) or blanket opposing #2 WRs. His 2 best performances thus far have come against the Bengals and Bucs New Orleans Saints T-Shirts , Here he allowed a total of 3 catches on 14 targets for 21 yards. It hasn’t all been sweet as Apple had a very rough first half against the Cowboys, but compared to the early season struggles by the Saints #2 CB, he’s doing a good job.Lattimore also started the season with a rough opening day versus the Bucs. He soon found his way back to high quality reps in week 3 versus the Falcons. After rookie receiver Calvin Ridley had an insanely productive first half facing P.J. Williams (PFF 55.2, #102 CB) and Crawley, Lattimore manned up on him and essentially shut him down after the first half. Finally rounding into form and football shape, Lattimore began his rise back up the NFL CB rankings. Facing Joe Flacco, Lattimore allowed 1 catch on 6 attempts for eleven yards and a 39.6 passer rating his way. Facing the Eagles, Marshon allowed a passer rating of 16.7 on throws into his coverage, allowing 2 completions for 8 yards and an interception.The slot was supposed to be manned by Patrick Robinson this season. That was cut short by injury versus the Falcons. P.J. Williams was given his shot at covering opponents #3 WRs. The truth is, Williams has some good and bad moments. Often on back to back plays and it is quite possible that he has sometimes been spared being targeted more frequently, because Apple is vulnerable as well. That said, Williams is often penalized for the most ticky-tacky amounts of contact and sees his fair amount of flags. When he is on, P.J. is pretty good. He can be physical at the line or play off in the slot, and really cover big and small receivers on most routes. As long as expectations are tempered, you can see the true value of this young player.In my own long-winded way, I wanted to share my impression of the Saints secondary so far. My takeaway is that besides Lattimore and M. Williams who would be good anywhere, these players are most cohesive as a unit, having built a connection and chemistry. The reputation earned by the group that played the first 3 or four games is branded in the minds of many, but the reality is that this group has become opportunistic and is limiting the big play. I am happy with the progress and as long as this group stays focused and the pass rush continues to thrive, I see this unit getting better.As always, thanks for reading, Be Cool Who Dats! Drew Brees‘ 1-yard run capped an 80-yard touchdown drive to open overtime that lifted the New Orleans Saints to a 43-37 win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.Brees’ score came after his apparent 3-yard TD pass to Alvin Kamara was overturned on a review that determined Kamara’s knee was down before the goal line. Brees scored on a keeper on the following play, giving the Saints (2-1) the win on the day the 39-year-old quarterback set the NFL record for career completions.Brees passed for 396 yards and three touchdowns and ran for two scores. Kamara had 15 catches for 124 yards and ran for 66 yards.Brees’ biggest play before the winner might have been his improbable 7-yard scoring run with 1:15 remaining that forced overtime. He ran to his left and then spun to avoid tackle attempts by Brian Poole and Robert Alford.Atlanta’s Matt Ryan had his first career game with five scoring passes, including three to rookie Calvin Ridley. That wasn’t enough for the Falcons (1-2) against Brees and the high-scoring Saints, who gained 534 yards.Ryan passed for 374 yards, including 146 to Ridley New Orleans Saints Hats , who became the first Falcons rookie with three scoring catches. Ridley, who had seven receptions, including a 75-yard TD, had his first game with more than one touchdown reception in his first game with at least 100 yards receiving.Ridley’s third scoring catch against the Saints was a 9-yarder early in the third quarter that held up following a review.Ryan’s five touchdown passes tied the team record set by Wade Wilson on Dec. 13, 1992, at Tampa Bay.The fifth went to Mohamed Sanu 鈥?followed by Ryan’s 2-point conversion pass to Sanu 鈥?gave the Falcons a 37-30 lead midway through the fourth quarter.The scoring pass came after Saints defensive tackle David Onyemata was called for unnecessary roughness when Atlanta’s Matt Bryant kicked a 29-yard field goal that would have given the Falcons a 32-30 lead. With the penalty, the Falcons’ offense came back on the field.Ridley beat P.J. Williams on his first two scoring catches, an 18-yarder in the first quarter and the 75-yarder in the second quarter.The Saints made a defensive switch, moving Ken Crawley into coverage on Ridley. Crawley was called for pass interference on a deep incompletion to Ridley early in the third quarter that gave Atlanta a first down at the New Orleans 5. On second down from the 9, Ridley’s third scoring catch gave the Falcons a 21-16 lead.Williams’ troubles continued when he was called for pass interference when trying to cover Sanu, and that flag set up another first down at the 5. Ryan’s fourth scoring pass, to Tevin Coleman, made it 29-23.With his 14th completed pass, Brees broke the record of 6,300 career completions set by Hall of Famer Brett Favre. Brees closed in on the mark early, completing his first four passes, including a 19-yard scoring pass to Ted Ginn Jr., on the Saints’ opening drive.The Falcons pulled even on Ryan’s 18-yard touchdown pass to Ridley later in the opening quarter.Brees set the career completions record with a 17-yard completion to Michael Thomas in the second quarter, giving him 6,301.With a little more help from Ginn, Brees might have had a bigger first half. Ginn dropped a sideline pass on a drive that ended with a 49-yard field goal by Will Lutz bouncing off the left upright and over the cross bar. Later in the second quarter, Ginn juggled a pass for an incompletion as he ran out of bounds on the Atlanta sideline.Ryan’s 75-yard scoring pass to Ridley was his 34th career TD pass against the Saints, the most by any quarterback. He surpassed Joe Montana’s 33 TD passes against New Orleans.INJURY REPORTSaints reserve cornerback Patrick Robinson was carted from the field early in the third quarter with a left ankle injury. He did not return.Falcons safety Ricardo Allen left early in overtime with a left calf injury. He was helped to the sideline and then driven on a cart to the locker room. … Reserve cornerback Justin Bethel suffered a knee injury in the third quarter. … Atlanta rookie linebacker Foyesade Oluokun left the game in the fourth quarter with an ankle injury.UP NEXTSaints: at New York Giants next Sunday.Falcons: Play their third straight home game against the Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday.___

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Carson Wentz’s back injury will sideline him for Sunday’s game at the Los Angeles Rams.With the Eagles’ No. 1 quarterback out Cory Littleton Color Rush Jersey , Nick Foles gets another opportunity to rescue the team he led to a Super Bowl victory last season.The Eagles moved Wentz from doubtful to out on the injury list Saturday.Eagles coach Doug Pederson said Friday that Wentz does not require surgery for a stress fracture in his back and the injury could take up to three months to heal. But Pederson wouldn’t rule him out for the rest of this season. The Eagles (6-7) are still in the chase for a playoff spot.There’s no lack of confidence in Foles among the Eagles, of course.“He’s the guy and it’s my job to create as much separation for him or if he gives me an opportunity and I am covered, go get it,” wide receiver Nelson Agholor said after Friday’s practice.Foles hasn’t taken a snap in a game since Week 2. He took over in Week 14 last season after Wentz tore two ligaments in his left knee during a comeback win on the road against the Rams. Foles led Philadelphia to its first NFL title since 1960 and started the first two games this season, going 1-1.“Nick is a Super Bowl MVP quarterback for a reason and we’ve got a ton of confidence that he’s going to give it his all like he always does,” said tight end Zach Ertz, who caught the winning touchdown pass from Foles in Philadelphia’s 41-33 win over New England in February.Foles is 21-12 as a starter, including playoffs, in two stints with Philadelphia. He has completed 65.9 percent of his passes for 451 yards, one TD and one interception this season. He was outstanding last postseason, completing 72.6 percent of his passes for 971 yards , six TDs, one pick and also had a TD catch.Pederson is optimistic about Wentz’s recovery.“The fact that he doesn’t need surgery on this is the best news you could possibly have on anybody that has a stress fracture or stress injury,” Pederson said Friday.The team isn’t certain when Wentz got hurt and Pederson said the injury developed over time. A test on Tuesday revealed his condition.“He’s one of the toughest dudes I know, but of course it’s going to affect him,” wide receiver Jordan Matthews said after Thursday’s practice. “You have to be able to twist, you have to be able to turn. Carson is probably the best quarterback also throwing off the run, so that affects your running, too. He’s wearing a knee brace. This guy is playing through a lot.” Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse — a survey of fans across the NFL, powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to plugged in fans from each team. Los Angeles Rams fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.Week 1 FanPulseWeek 2 FanPulseWeek 3 FanPulse - confidenceWeek 3 FanPulse - game predictionWeek 4 FanPulseWeek 5 FanPulseWeek 6 FanPulseWeek 7 FanPulseWell the Los Angeles Rams are halfway through the 2018 season now and remain perfect at 8-0. So obviously Troy Hill Color Rush Jersey , we’re in line for some accolades at the midpoint.But perhaps Rams fans will be disappointed at the results of our NFL-wide FanPulse vote.Right now, the MVP race goes to Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes over Rams RB Todd Gurley and QB Jared Goff:And Defensive Player of the Year? Fans give that one to Chicago Bears EDGE Khalil Mack over Rams DL Aaron Donald by a slim margin:Well I say boo.More heartening is that fans back Rams Head Coach Sean McVay to repeat as Coach of the Year:One thing we’re doing this week across SBN NFL sites is looking at the difference between fans’ expected scores and the actual ones. For most teams, there are some wiiiiiiide jumps mainly because fans are relatively conservative. Even for the 8-0 Rams, there are plenty of games where we thought we’d win but ended up wrecking like Week 2 and Week 7. Then there were games like Week 5, Week 6 and Week 8 which were much closer than anticipated.One thing that’s interesting this week? For only the second time this season, fans of the Rams’ opponent, being the New Orleans Saints for Week 9, think their team is going to win.Odds: pick ‘em/Rams +1.5Turf Show Times FanPulse: Rams by 3Canal Street Chronicles FanPulse: Saints by 5The other time a fan base thought their team would beat the Rams?Oakland Raiders fans at Silver and Black Pride who had the Raiders winning by 3 in Week 1 which is interesting because they’ve overestimated their team all year long:Maybe something to worry about? Saints fans at CSC have nailed it since coming off of the bye...As always, thanks as always to the TSTers who are voting to give us the data each week! And for those of you interested, you can sign up here to vote.

TEAM TALKGame Preview: Patriots at Dolphins. Broadcast info Donald Trump Color Rush Jersey , series info, tale of the tape, more.Patriots-Vikings delivers highest rating of 2018 season.Paul Perillo takes a look at the current postseason picture in the AFC.Andy Hart tackles this week’s Ask PFW Mailbag: Postseason seeding talk.Conference Call transcripts: Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels and Brian Flores.Sights and Sounds: Week 13 vs. Vikings. (5.21 min. video)From the NFL: How the Patriots held the Vikings to just 10 points. (1.26 min. video)Memorable Moments: 2003 Patriots beat Dolphins in wild overtime finish. (1.50 min. video)LOCAL LINKSKevin McNamara writes “Tom Brady is 59-11 in December games in his career. All that winning ultimately leads to AFC East titles, playoff byes , home games at Gillette Stadium and the chance to play for championships. That’s the formula, and at this point it’s tried and true.”NESN scouts the Dolphins to see what’s changed since the Patriots’ Week 4 blowout.Michael Hurley finds that by the numbers, the Dolphins shouldn’t present a major challenge for the Patriots, but they probably will anyway.Karen Guregian states that the Patriots can’t afford their usual Miami road collapse.Ryan Hannable recaps five recent losses to the Dolphins in Miami to show the why we should be worried about Sunday’s game.Matt Dolloff assures us (sort of) that a win in “historically treacherous” Miami isn’t impossible.David Latham (LastWordOnSports) Why Week 14 won’t be a trap game for New England. /Voice in the wilderness.Devon Clements (PatriotsWire) Patriots have had trouble with Dolphins in Miami at this time of year. /O Rly?Tom Keegan credits the Patriots for acquiring players who are more quick-thinkers than speedsters. “Coaches learn more by watching film of prospective Patriots than from watching them run, jump Josh Gordon Jersey , throw and lift. It doesn’t really matter how fast you run if you’re not ending up in the right place at precisely the correct time.”Mike Reiss points out that Rob Gronkowski is not at 100 percent, lacking his typical explosion, but even in a diminished capacity he shows his value.Ryan Hannable highlights Josh McDaniels on Rob Gronkowski: “I think he’s in a good place, continues to work hard and he’s always patient and unselfish and he’s a great teammate. We’re better when he’s on the field.”Evan Lazar’s Film Review: The Patriots defense finally has a productive pass rush.Eric Wilbur isn’t a believer in the Patriots defense, “it’s going to take more than confusing the NFL’s 18th-best team in terms of points per game for [them] to be considered something of an asset”. Steve Balestrieri (PatsFans) No “yeah buts” Patriots defense is coming together right on time.Henry McKenna (PatriotsWire) Patriots safeties were just showing off against Kirk Cousins Antonio Garcia Color Rush Jersey , VikingsPhil Perry talks about why J.C. Jackson is one of the 20 under 25 candidates: Jackson went from undrafted rookie to starting corner in just six months.David Latham (LastWordOnSports) Patriots will cover the spread [7.5 points] against the Dolphins.Nicole Yang tells us how Josh Gordon got his own animated Instagram series.Joy Manning (BostonSportsChick) “Since 2000 the Patriots have played exactly 300 regular season games. Being that 300 is one of those nice numbers, I pulled out some fun stats to share.”Adam London singles out a crazy stat that should inspire confidence in the Patriots’ Super Bowl hopes.Doug Kyed explains how Trader Bill Belichick has fared much better in 2018 than with last year’s deals.D.J. Bean releases his “Power Prankings” of teams he’d like to see Josh McDaniels spurn.Karen Guregian Patriots Notebook: Kraft “flattered” teams want McDaniels.Nicole Yang Patriots Notebook: Bill Belichick gives New England’s D high marks.Mike Dussault (PatsPropaganda) 10 New England Patriots gift picks 2018. NATIONAL NEWSDanny Heifetz (The Ringer) Miami is Tom Brady’s personal house of horrors.Cameron Filipe (Football Zebras) Week 14 Referee assignments. Pats-Fins: Pete Morelli.Josh Alper (ProFootballTalk) Josh McDaniels on head coaching jobs: If that’s in the cards for me, it’s great.Cynthia Frelund ( Eight remaining games that’ll greatly shape the NFL playoff field. Week 15 NE at PITT included.Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz (USA Today) Four NFL teams poised to play spoiler in playoff picture. /Whew! Miami not listed.Charean Williams (ProFootballTalk) NFL considering changes to punt plays.Charean Williams (ProFootballTalk) Washington working out Landry Jones, Ryan Mallet.Shalise Manza Young (Yahoo! Sports) Reports: NFL didn’t request video of Kareem Hunt incident until last week. While the New England Patriots’ week nine game against the Green Bay Packers was a close one for the first three quarters, it has been blown open in the fourth period. First , the Patriots defense forced a turnover that was promptly converted into a James White touchdown run. On its very next possession, New England added to its lead.After the defense came up with another stop — with Trey Flowers and Adrian Clayborn registering a big sack on third down — to give the football to Tom Brady and the offense again. It did not take long for them to turn the possession into more points:On 2nd and 10 near midfield, Tom Brady found wide receiver Josh Gordon on the left side of the field on an in-cutting route. The veteran wideout was able to break a tackle and take the pass to the house for another touchdown. And his second 100-yard game in a Patriots uniform. And a 31-17 New England lead.

This is part two of a three-part weekly film analysis on the performance of Patrick Mahomes. Part one here.This wasn’t the flashiest week we’ve seen from Patrick Mahomes to date. In fact , it might be the least exciting of all the games we’ve seen from him. Regardless of that, this was a fantastic performance for a multitude of new and consistently prevalent reasons. To add to that, there isn’t obvious regression in any area. It’s all moving forward.Something smartThis is a savvy play for such a young quarterback.There’s less than a minute remaining in the first half and the Chiefs are looking to add to their 14-point lead. The Chiefs run a Four Verticals concept against 2-man coverage, a split-safety look with man coverage underneath.Against 2-man coverage, the quarterback isn’t accounted for. With defenders blanketing all routes in man coverage Xavier Williams Jersey , defenders don’t have eyes on the quarterback. It’s a run alert for quarterbacks. On this play, Mahomes identifies the coverage and knows he can beat it with his legs. As the routes get down the field, Mahomes elects to break for yards. Mahomes is able to outrun the pass rushing Sam Hubbard out of the pocket. Linebacker Vontaze Burfict, in man coverage on running back Damien Williams, falls off to pursue Mahomes as he races by.Mahomes is able to gain 20 yards on the run Chris Conley Color Rush Jersey , but does something additionally smart to end the play. Knowing the time situation, he runs out of bounds after a big gain to stop the clock. The Chiefs eventually end this drive with a field goal. It was a smart play to run based on coverage and even smarter to quit while he was ahead to conserve time.Something specialThere weren’t too many big plays downfield, but being able to finish this one isn’t normal.Receiving the ball to start the second half, the Chiefs elect to take a shot on the first play. They have a variation of the Mills concept (curl with a post over the top of it) with Kelce running the curl, hoping to pull the safety down to hit the post. With inside leverage on the cornerback running with Watkins , Mahomes elects to take the shot. As he sets up to throw, defensive end Carlos Dunlap reaches and forces Mahomes to hitch up further into the pocket. Dunlap actually gets a hand on Mahomes and forces another slight step up. Some of the momentum Mahomes was trying to generate was lost in the evasion of Dunlap. The throw won’t have as much behind it as Mahomes intended. He wanted to allow Watkins the chance to run underneath it. Lesser arm talent would not be able to get the ball 52 yards in the air the way Mahomes was able to on this play. Watkins does a great job adjusting his route to get to the ball and finishes the play for a gain of 50 yards. Everything wasn’t perfect and Mahomes wasn’t able to get all he wanted behind the ball, but it didn’t matter. The arm talent still shines when things don’t go as planned. It’s hard to beat this kid. Arrowhead Pride post-game showThe latestNFL insider notes: Mahomes’ brilliant performance ends MVP race, debacle in D.C. and more from Week 14 | CBS SportsSay it with me — Patrick Mahomes is the MVP, and the reason is deeper than stats | Yahoo! SportsInjuries we’re tracking in Sunday’s Week 14 games | NFLMahomes-to-Hill magic earns Chiefs an improbable win | ESPNBears’ defense leaves red-hot Rams out in the cold | USA TodayHow Sunday’s stunning loss could have serious playoff ramifications for Patriots | WEEI Sports Radio NetworkWhat we learned from Sunday’s Week 14 games | NFLClint Bowyer revs up Kansas City Chiefs’ pregame tradition | NASCARNumerous NFL teams remain in contact with Kareem Hunt while he undergoes counseling | CBS SportsChiefs owner: We were shocked by Kareem Hunt video | NFLAround the leagueAlex Smith unlikely to be ready to start 2019 season | NFLDolphins Shock Patriots With a Miracle in Miami | The New York TimesMichael Badgley kicks his way into history and the Chargers to their 10th victory | Bolts From the BlueMuch-needed win sends Jets tumbling in NFL draft order | New York PostRaiders rally after Big Ben returns from rib injury | NFLIn case you missed it at Arrowhead PrideChiefs beat Ravens 27-24 in overtime thriller at ArrowheadChiefs beat Ravens: 14 winners and 11 losersThe Dixon Five: courage Harrison Butker Jersey , the new NFL, and a possible space alien...Social Media Information:AP Facebook Page: Click here to like our pageAP Instagram: Follow @ArrowheadPrideAP Twitter: Follow @ArrowheadPrideAP Editor-in-Chief: Pete Sweeney: Follow @pgsween610 Sports Twitter: Follow @610SportsKC

The Pittsburgh Steelers won the toss and elected to defer. The Los Angeles Chargers started the game on offense after a touchback.Keenan Allen got things rolling early with a 14-yard reception working out of the slot. The first run of the night went to Austin Ekeler who had nowhere to go. Going no huddle Rayshawn Jenkins Color Rush Jersey , Rivers hooked up with Allen for another 1st down on a short catch and run. Following that play, Whisenhunt elected to waste a carry on Travis Benjamin. Then they wasted another play on Benjamin, this one was a pass behind the line that he would have been better of dropping. Allen was short of the sticks on 3rd down by about the distance that Benjamin lost on the previous play. Almost inevitably, Michael Badgley missed a 52-yard field goal attempt on 4th down.James Conner was bottled up on his first carry of the game, but Antonio Brown moved the chains on the next play. Brown beat Casey Hayward on the following play for a huge gain setting up 1st & goal from the 1-yard line. Conner, of course, punched it in on 1st down.A short gain by Ekeler on 1st down was followed up with Rivers taking a big sack on 2nd down. On 3rd & 19, Rivers threw low and behind Allen and was lucky not to get picked off. Donnie Jones’ punt was fair caught on the Chargers’ side of the 50-yard line.Conner picked up about 4 on a screen to star the drive. Antonio Brown continued to be uncoverable converting another 1st down. Pittsburgh got cute with a fleaflicker, but the secondary was not fooled and Roethlisberger threw the ball out the back of the end zone. Michael Davis absolutely mugged Ryan Switzer in the end zone without ever turning around. Defensive pass interference gave the Steelers another 1st & goal from the 1. It took two tries, but Conner punched it in again.Allen and Mike Williams both caught passes for 1st downs. And then the referees missed a blatant false start by Sam Tevi and Travis Benjamin caught a 40-yard touchdown pass.The Steelers looked to be moving the ball again on their next drive picking up 1st downs through the air and on the ground. They were seemingly moving the ball at will. Then, Derwin James made a stop by the line of scrimmage. Then, he picked off a poor Roethlisberger pass over the middle.The offense was unable to do anything with the James interception, though, and they ended up punting the ball away. The defense held strong, though, forcing a three-and-out.The offense went three-and-out again, and then to top it off, Jones’ punt was blocked. The defense did a great job of holding the Steelers to a field goal attempt which Chris Boswell converted.Two Keenan Allen receptions moved the sticks Justin Jones Color Rush Jersey , but they were not able to sustain a drive and ended up punting again.Aided in part by a terrible pass interference call, the Steelers marched 74 yards in 78 seconds to score another touchdown before half time.The Steelers’ first drive of the second half ended in a punt, but it also burned over 5 minutes of clock and that may have been as meaningful as points given their 16-point lead.Starting at their own 12, the Chargers engineered a 13-play touchdown drive that concluded with the most absurd touchdown you’re likely to see this year.From there, the Chargers made it a one-score game by converting a two-point conversion with a pretty back corner of the end zone catch by future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates.The Steelers gifted the Chargers a holding penalty on a screen pass to set up 2nd & long. Then, Joey Bosa finally got home to sack Roethlisberger. On 3rd & 29, the Steelers ran a give up play, then punted. Desmond King returned it 73 yards for a touchdown. The offense then came on to attempt a two-point conversion. This time, the throw went to Keenan Allen and it was another successful conversion.With momentum on their side, the Chargers defense returned to the field. A pair of great plays by King and Adrian Phillips forced another Steelers punt.On the Chargers’ next drive, it was the Justin Jackson show. Every time he touched the ball he was picking up big yardage whether it be a carry up the middle or a swing pass, he looked unstoppable. Finally, he scored from 18 yards out.The Chargers defense continued to rise to the occasion, finally stopping the Steelers inches short of a new set of downs on 3rd & 10 after Melvin Ingram just missed what would have been a game-sealing sack. Mike Tomlin burned a challenge, but the ruling stood. Then, it came down to a 4th & inches attempt by the Steelers, and Conner just made it across the line to gain to keep their drive alive. Pittsburgh continued to roll after that, helped by a personal foul by Jatavis Brown. Conner appeared to injure his leg on another decent-sized gain Kyzir White Color Rush Jersey , and Jaylen Samuels had to take over for him. A play later, Casey Hayward had to leave with an injury. A player after that, Samuels scored a touchdown.The Chargers took back over on their own 25 after a touchback. They started the drive moving the chains at will. Allen and Ekeler both got in on the action early. Justin Jackson got back in the game and promptly rushed for 10 yards and a fresh set of downs. His next carry, his fifth, put him at 59 yards on the day. Ekeler made a mistake running out of bounds, but Allen bailed him out picking up a 1st down on the next snap. From there the Chargers forced the Steelers to burn their last timeouts and set up for a field goal attempt. They then ran the clock down to 3 seconds and called a timeout. Michael Badgley came on to attempt the game-winner.Having already missed one kick tonight, Badgley missed wide left. The Steelers had jumped offside, though, so he got a second chance from 5 yards closer.Now, having missed two, Badgley’s next attempt was blocked. The Steelers were clearly offside, yet again, however.Now, having missed three kicks, Badgley lined up to attempt a 29-yard field goal, and it was good. COSTA MESA, Calif. (AP) — The Chargers‘ Philip Rivers and Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger are playing some of the best football of their 15-year careers.On Sunday, the two meet at Heinz Field in a prime-time game that could serve as a playoff preview.If the postseason began this week Virgil Green Color Rush Jersey , the Chargers would be facing the Steelers in a first-round game. Los Angeles (8-3) has a two-game lead for the AFC’s first wild-card spot while Pittsburgh (7-3-1) leads the AFC North and would be the fourth seed.It is the sixth time the two members of the 2004 draft class have met but the first time since 2012, when the Chargers defeated the Steelers 34-24 in Pittsburgh. Roethlisberger though has the 3-2 edge in the series.“We’re probably similar in a lot of ways,” Rivers said. “We both like to stand in there, don’t mind holding on till the last second to make a throw, take a hit, all those things. It’s always awesome going against those teams led by those types of guys.”Both have been in the league for 15 seasons, but Rivers acknowledged that he doesn’t know Roethlisberger very well. However, there is a mutual admiration between the two.“He’s an MVP-caliber player, and he’s playing at a MVP level right now,” said Roethlisberger of Rivers.Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt was Roethlisberger’s offensive coordinator when he was drafted in 2004 and spent three seasons with him.Whisenhunt has been Rivers’ coach for four seasons in two different stints and said he has been fortunate to see both at different stages of their careers.“Got two different guys that have managed to be successful. The one trait they both have is how competitive they are,” Whisenhunt said.“They are both great leaders. I remember in Pittsburgh telling (then defensive coordinator) Dick Lebeau how special Ben could be. With Philip it is hard for opposing defenses to fool him because he sees so much and has great anticipation for what is coming.”Rivers comes into this game after having the most accurate passing performance in league history last week against Arizona, going 28 of 29 for 239 yards and three touchdowns in three quarters. He completed his first 25, which tied the league mark for consecutive completions and broke the record for the most to start a game.The performance drew plenty of plaudits from throughout the league, including Roethlisberger.“What he did last week was pretty spectacular — 25 in a row. It’s hard to follow all of the games on the west, so much but it’s easy because he’s a quarterback to kind of keep track of how he’s doing,” he said.Rivers is third in the league with a 115.7 passer rating and is averaging 9.1 yards per completion, which is fourth. He has thrown for two or more touchdowns in every game this season, becoming just the fourth in league history to do that in the first 11 games in a season.His biggest improvement though is in not taking risks. He has 26 touchdowns against six interceptions Caleb Sturgis Color Rush Jersey , and his 69.5 percent completion rate ties a career best. Rivers has said often this year it has been one of his goals to have a completion rate of 70 percent or more in a season.Roethlisberger though is also getting better with age. He has thrown for 3,664 yards, which is his most of his career through the Steelers first 11 games, and the 24 touchdowns are tied with his 2014 season.“Obviously he does a great job extending plays and is hard to bring down. He probably has made a lot more plays on the move than I have over the years,” Rivers said.A late-season matchup between Rivers and Roethlisberger is also appropriate considering they are in the top three since 2006 in regular-season wins once the calendar turns to December. Rivers is 39-19 to Roethlisberger’s 38-14. Only Tom Brady has more wins in that span with 44.Both feel fortunate to be linked to a 2004 quarterback draft class where all three, including Eli Manning, have remained with the same team. Roethlisberger has said it is even cooler when their group is compared with the 1983 class of Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and John Elway.While there is certainly competition between Rivers, Roethlisberger and Manning, Rivers said there isn’t a rivalry.“You know you’re going to be linked to guys. It’s a heck of a group to be a part of. I think it’s something we can look back and be proud of, that draft class. But I don’t check to see where we all stack up, all that stuff. I know we all three have sustained pretty long, good careers.”

Troy Aikman was there for the great years Customized Dallas Cowboys Jerseys , and he was there for the struggles that followed.And what he sees from the Cowboys at the moment is closer to the latter than the former.The former Cowboys quarterback and current FOX analyst said during an interview on 1310 The Ticket that the team needs a “complete overhaul.”Considering the owner is also the General Manager, that seems unlikely, and Jerry Jones has said that he doesn’t intend to make a coaching change during the season.“Go through the list and this team, over a long period of time, has been what it’s been,” Aikman said, via Todd Archer of “It hasn’t always mattered who the head coach has been. So to me, if you’re asking me , I’d say there has to be a complete overhaul of the entire organization.”Aikman clearly doesn’t expect Jones to let anyone else run the place, as he leans on his son Stephen Jones, along with vice president of player personnel Will McClay and coach Jason Garrett for personnel matters.“I’ve heard Jerry say, ‘OK, look, we’re going to do it differently. I’m going to do it differently,’ . . . but it’s the same. Nothing changes,” Aikman said. “And that to me is the bigger issue beyond Dallas Cowboys T-Shirt , yes, coaching is important, personnel, all those things are important, but how are you going about evaluating how you’re going about running the organization? Whatever that looks like 鈥?and everyone has an opinion on what it does look like, but I’m not in the building. I have no idea. I talk to people. I talk to people who have been inside the building and have a pretty good understanding how things are run and in a lot of ways there’s a lot of dysfunction and that has to change if this team is going to be able to compete on a consistent basis like the teams that you look to around the league that seemingly are in the hunt each and every year.”Aikman may have a personal relationship with Garrett (they were teammates during the ’90s), but he also has a unique opportunity to see behind the curtain at other franchises, the good ones and the bad ones.One former Cowboys coach likes to say Dallas Cowboys Hats , “You are what your record says you are.” The Cowboys are 3-5 at the moment, 70-58 in nine years under Garrett, and have exactly two playoff wins since Aikman beat the Vikings in the 1996 wild card round.Cowboys roster moves: DT Christian Ringo added to practice squad While the focus of late has been on the offensive woes of the Dallas Cowboys, they also have some concerns on the interior of the defensive line. Maliek Collins continues to be held out of practice as the team prepares for the game against the Detroit Lions, Datone Jones just went on IR, and Adolphus Washington was poached from the practice squad by the Cincinnati Bengals. The team added Caraun Reid to the 53-man roster earlier to fill in for Jones, and now they have signed Christian Ringo to take Washington’s PS slot.Ringo was a sixth-round draft pick of the Green Bay Packers in 2015. He spent that season on their practice squad, and was on their 53-man roster the following year. After being waived by the Packers in 2017 Dallas Cowboys Hoodie , he would spend just a few days with the Bengals before landing with the Lions (hmm). He spent time on their practice squad and was promoted to their 53-man roster in November. The Lions waived him after training camp this year.He only has five total tackles and a forced fumble in the 14 games he appeared in. Still, actual game experience is always valuable. Ringo had a reputation as a very hard worker when he was on the practice squads in both Green Bay and Detroit, which is how he earned his way to some game checks. With the injury issues Dallas has had in the interior of the defensive line, Ringo serves as a safety net, and should bring a positive attitude. Custom Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys

Roster update: Cowboys sign Adolphus Washington to practice squad , release Aziz Shittu Tuesday has been a busy day for the Cowboys. While they’re coming off of their first win they clearly aren’t totally satisfied from what they saw, even from the game’s most impressive effort.Dallas is officially bringing in defensive tackle Adolphus Washington to their practice squad and releasing Aziz Shittu. He’s the newest member of the Hot Boyz.Washington was drafted by the Bills in the third round of the 2016 draft and failed to latch on with new coach Sean McDermott. He’s someone who the Cowboys also had a third-round grade on, although they did have Maliek Collins graded higher. Additionally the Cowboys coaching staff coached Adolphus Washington at the 2016 Senior Bowl. SB Nation did a write-up on him recently.It didn’t take long for the Cowboys to get going with Adolphus either. DeMarcus Lawrence shared a photo of the Hot Boyz on Tuesday and you can see Adolphus in the back so he was definitely part of some things that they did. As Adolphus is a defensive tackle his presence on the team raises questions about the ones that the Cowboys currently employ. Is Maliek Collins perhaps more hurt than they thought? Are things still on track with David Irving’s return in Week 5?We’ll have to wait and see.Cowboys vs. Giants final injury report: Xavier Woods out, Randy Gregory doubtful It’s Friday of a game week, which brings us the final injury report before the teams suit up. This week’s contest is on Sunday between the Cowboys and the Giants , let’s see where the injury situation stands. Before the season-opener against the Panthers, safety Xavier Woods said he was targeting the home-opener against the Giants to begin his 2018 season. That won’t be happening as he didn’t practice all week and is listed as out of the game. He will be joined by center Travis Fredrick, that was a given. Defensive tackle Datone Jones created some optimism that he might play when he returned to practice for the first time in a while on a limited basis yesterday, but he is also listed as out for the game against the Giants.Randy Gregory returned to practice today on a limited basis, but that only raised his status to doubtful for Sunday night. Generally doubtful players don’t go but there’s still a chance since he hasn’t been ruled out. If he can’t go , Taco Charlton will likely take his place with rookie Dorance Armstrong given some more snaps. DeMarcus Lawrence, Dak Prescott and Kavon Frazier all still appear on the injury report although only Lawrence has missed a practice this week and that was on Wednesday. You can expect all three to play on Sunday.The Giants have ruled out edge player Olivier Vernon for the game, that’s a break for a Cowboys offensive line that has struggled. Linebacker Tae Davis is listed as questionable. Custom Miami Dolphins Jerseys

On this week’s episode of the AP Laboratory Patrick Mahomes Color Rush Jersey , we discussed the offseason plans to replace Kareem Hunt. We all agreed that any significant investment in a free agent isn’t something we’re particularly interested in. Apologies to the Le’Veon Bell fans out there. I just don’t see that happening.Craig, Matt and I each wrote up a little bit about a running back we’re interested in.Darrel Henderson, MemphisHenderson is an home-run hitter that doesn’t run like he’s trying to hit a home run. He’s still pretty north-south and no nonsense as a runner. While his contact balance isn’t as special as Hunt, he still flashed an above average ability. Henderson is decisive and physical. He doesn’t have top-end speed but he keeps his legs running through contact. He has a compact 5-foot-9, 200-pound frame and is hard to bring down with a low center of gravity.While not the most powerful runner, there’s still enough behind his pads for the next level. What you can see of his vision is solid. Henderson also provides enough to be viable in the passing game. In the clip above, he did a nice job on an outside zone to see the lane and make a subtle move to avoid the driving safety and get back up to speed quickly to finish for a touchdown. I see him currently as a guy who could slip into the end of day two or be an early day three selection. He’d be a nice addition to the roster. (- Kent Swanson)Rodney AndersonRodney Anderson has the size, speed and football IQ to be a major contributor at the next level. A 6-foot-1, 220-pound back, he’s big enough to run between the tackles with loose hips that allow for quick changes of direction while running through traffic. He’s able to carry power into the second level and make would-be tacklers miss with stiff arms and good balance to keep his feet through tackle attempts. Anderson’s initial burst isn’t a strong suit Derrick Nnadi Jersey , but he gets up to speed with long strides in space quickly. Exposure to gap, power and zone-read concepts that showcase his football intelligence and ability to fit in any system. He catches the ball extremely well and hides his release into the flat well to get more space in the passing game. He struggles with pass protection, a problem for most young running backs. His biggest knock is an extensive injury history, missing games his freshman year for a broken leg, a whole year for a neck injury,and an ACL tear that ended his redshirt junior season. (- Craig Stout)Olamide ZaccheausOlamide Zaccheaus has been used as a wide receiver at Virginia a lot more than he’s been used as a running back, to the tune of setting the record for most receptions in Virginia school history as well as the single-season reception record. The question then becomes why is he being included here as a running back prospect. Quite simply, it’s because of his size. Listed at 5-foot-8 by the school likely translates to him being a little short of that, making playing slot receiver even a stretch but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for “O” in the NFL. Every year, there are a number of prospects that are more offensive weapons than specific positions and the hard part for teams is figuring out how to use them. Zaccheaus , a three-star recruit as a running back, is certainly an offensive weapon rather than a pure running back. He’s not going to be a bell-cow runner, and he may not even be a full-time second-fiddle back, but what he can do is provide that flexible player that can line up in the backfield and take five-plus carries in a game, as well as split out wide and run a full route tree. He’s extremely explosive in the open field with fantastic acceleration, flexible hips to change direction on a dime and has great hands. Zaccheaus has a solid frame that allows him to slide through would-be tacklers who are off balance as well as fight forward for a few extra yards. His vision between the tackles hasn’t been tested much since his freshman year, but in the open field, he sets up blockers and defenders well and each step he takes has a purpose to it. Olamide Zaccheaus isn’t a replacement at running back and may not even be the featured backup running back, but as a chess piece that can throw off defensive personnel packages and matchups, he could offer a completely new dynamic to the Chiefs offense. (- Matt Lane)AP LaboratoryWe went more in depth on what we would do at the running back position and aired our grievances against Bob Sutton in this week’s episode of the AP Laboratory. If you can’t see the player below Len Dawson Jersey , click here.Links: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Art 19 Every week, many of you here at Arrowhead Pride are polled on various things concerning the Kansas City Chiefs and matters across the NFL. This is part of SB Nation’sFanPulse tool. If you are interested in joining the Chiefs’ FanPulse, you may sign up here.This week, we asked league-wide fan bases whether or not they believed their favorite team would make the postseason. The Chiefs were one of just four teams whose fan bases were 100 percent certain they’d make the playoffs. The other 100-percent teams were the Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints.93 percent of Chargers fans feel they will make the playoffs, 21 percent of Broncos fans feel they will make the playoffs and 0 percent of Raiders fans feel they will make the playoffs.And now, for let’s look at fan confidence around the AFC West:As is typical after a Chiefs’ win, the fan confidence in Kansas City remained rather high, while the rest of the AFC West’s confidence continues to be been up and down.

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