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Deactivating the Facebook account temporarily is quite an easy task. What you do if you don’t know how to deactivate Facebook account is from your Facebook account page, select the down arrow button located in the top right of Facebook. Select the “Settings & privacy.” Under the “Settings,” get through your Facebook information in the left column. At last, select the button – Deactivate Account and hit “Continue” to confirm.

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You cannot deactivate TurboTax account or remove it permanently. However, if you wish to abandon TurboTax Account, then you can delete all your data using the Clear & Start Over function. How you do is sign in to the TurboTax online and select Tax Tools, and then Clear & Start Over.

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If you can’t figure out how to schedule a post on Facebook, it is said that scheduling a post in Facebook account seems easy; you can create a post and schedule it to publish on your page in the future. From the Create Post section, upload a post you want to publish and before selecting on the”Post” button, schedule it for the future. You can select the date and time when you want the post to publish.

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The issue related to Norton Internet Security Error Code 8504, 0 can be fixed simply by restarting the program as well as the computer. Once you do it, check for the Norton Secure VPN program, whether it is installed. Quickly uninstall it to fix this security error and access your favorite Norton once again. 

Google Classroom has many build-in ways to communicate with friends, your students if you are teacher, or guardians. As teachers across the US prepare for online learning, more and more schools are relying on Google Classroom and Google Meet to deliver online assignments. If you are not sure How to use google meet in google classroom, let us know by contacting our team to guide you. 

Retrieving the Gmail account password using a security question can be done with a few steps. Still, many a time, users would get confused over how to recover Gmail account with security question. If you have remembered your answer to your security question, you can easily retrieve the account password without any difficulties. However, if you are in need of help from someone who knows better; get in touch with our team right away. 

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Yahoo is certainly one of the best email service providers for those who are frequently indulged with others through emails. However, some of its users are having a simple query – that is Why Is My Yahoo not sending and receiving emails, what Do I Do, which is also one of the common issues among many users. If you are unable to receive emails into your account, you can contact the representatives whenever you want. 

You don't let each incoming message into your inbox. Gmail offers filters, which allow you to show intelligence type messages into folders wherever you'll be able to take care of them when necessary. Of course, for our functions, they create an excellent tool; there are some ways that tells about how to block spam emails on gmail. Gmail encompasses a few tools designed into the service that enables you to report spam and block annoying senders. They're the simplest tools to discontinue spam that keeps returning from one address.

The outlook is a web-based email client that helps users to access lots of available beneficial features on it. However, some of its users are unable to fix the issue of Outlook Not Receiving Email into the account. If you are having such an issue, you must give a try contacting one of our Outlook experts to fix the issue on time. 

After connecting the brother printer to wifi, now it is a time to do Brother Printer wifi Setup, so you need to insert the brother printer driver disk into your device and run it. If you do not have the printer driver disk then there is no need to get worry, you can simply download it from the official website of brother printer and run it on your device. 


Effective Steps to Setup Brother Printer Wi-Fi

Choose the model of your Brother Printer and hit on the option of Next.

When you choose your printer model, then reach the printer menu, and here you need to choose the option of Install Print driver. 

Once you choose the option of install a brother printer driver, you will get the agreement window, and you need to hit on the “I accept” and click on the option of “Next.”

Now your printer will start installing the basic setup.

Once it installs the basic files, after completing the basic installation process, your brother printer will ask you for the type of connection.

Now, you need to choose the wireless connection and click on the option of “Next”.

After that, choose the option of appropriate connection type, and Select “brother peer to peer network” printer in the window and click on the option of “next”.

If you have enabled the firewall or installed antivirus into your device, then you can see a firewall antivirus detected window.

In the window, you need to select the option of Change firewall settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation.

Now, you can see your printer in the list, so you need to choose your printer type and click on the option of next.

Finally, your printer will be set up, and you can use your brother printer.

Reach the Experts for Assistance

If by following all the above-mentioned steps of Brother printer Wi-Fi Setup, you are not satisfied. Reach the Experts for help. The professionals are always available for the help of the users.

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