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Ultrafine Raymond mill has been widely used in powder processing industry, and its application is also widespread. Raymond mill is not only suitable for ore processing industry, but also popular in other powder industry. How hard is the material that can be processed by ultra-fine Raymond mill? Can harder materials be used in ultra-fine Raymond mills?

Ultra-fine Raymond mill's super processing ability is recognized by the grinding industry, and can process hundreds of materials, such as barite, calcite, limestone, etc. But here remind the majority of users of ultra-fine Raymond mill, in the case of material hardness is not greater than 9.3 level, the use of ultra-fine Raymond mill is appropriate. For materials with higher hardness, we do not recommend the use of Raymond mill for processing, because it will cause greater wear and tear of equipment accessories, thereby shortening the life of Raymond mill.

There are many vulnerable parts in the ultra-fine Raymond mill, such as grinding rollers, grinding rings and other accessories are vulnerable parts. If the material hardness is relatively high, it will cause greater wear and tear to these parts, shorten the life of the Raymond mill, and also increase the user's use cost.

In recent years, more and more capital construction projects have been built in China, and the market demand for aggregate and sand is growing, which has led to the development of the sand making machine industry, and also led more and more stone factories to invest in the construction of production lines. So, in many sand production line equipment manufacturers, how to select advanced sand production equipment?

Manufacturers of sand production line continue to increase investment in scientific research, according to the heavy market demand to create a new generation of environmentally friendly sand production line, with independent research and development of high-performance and efficient sand machine-based production line. The overall layout of the production line, the new main building steel structure reduced by more than 40%, thus higher configuration, lower cost; through optimizing profiles, sheet assembly and other ways to achieve rapid manufacturing, rapid delivery of customers, to meet customer market demand.

In addition, with the increasing restriction of environmental protection policy and the entry of enterprises with advanced equipment, the gravel aggregate industry is stepping into the fast lane of transformation and upgrading. Traditional open-air, dusty and noisy production of inefficient sand and stone has fallen into the historical juncture of passive elimination and active upgrading. Environmental protection, green and efficient modern machine-made sand production has become the consensus of the industry. The improvement and upgrade of environmental protection and efficient sand production line is more green and environmental protection, and even upgrade the industry standard of dust emission concentration, which has played a benchmark effect and huge market potential.

Sandstone aggregate is a necessary raw material for construction industry. The emergence of high-standard buildings promotes the requirement of sand and gravel constantly. In order to obtain high-quality sand and gravel, the working nature of sand making machine is very important. In addition, in addition to the traditional fixed type, there are mobile sand making machine, as well as a new type of shaping sand making machine, which provides users with greater choice space, making sand production work more efficient and high quality.

Among them, VSI Sand Making Machine: stone breaking iron crushing chamber, sand making efficiency is higher, thin oil lubrication, speed range is larger, change the amount of waterfall, effectively control the taste of finished sand and stone, hydraulic open cover design, convenient maintenance. The mobile sand making machine occupies less space, can penetrate into the production front, has stronger adaptability to the environment, and can still play a stable role in harsh conditions.

Because of the different type selection of sand making machine, the working performance is also different. When choosing the type, you need to refer to the requirements of finished products, production conditions, investment costs and equipment quality of the manufacturer. According to the difference of the production situation, you can analyze the points of attention for the type selection.

With the continuous development of economy, the protection of ecological environment is very important. Environmental protection production and life become the focus of the country. For mine production, users need to choose environmentally friendly equipment to meet the relevant requirements and regulations. Among them, our new portable crusher plant takes the sustainable development of green energy-saving, environmental protection and high efficiency, and acts as a practitioner of environmental protection development.

1. Environmental protection in production process and reduction of pollution sources. The crushing and sand-making machine is a kind of combined equipment, which assembles and installs the crushing and sand-making functional equipment to form an independent production line. In the process of operation, the level matching is reasonable, the dust overflow is less, the working noise is small, the vibration and noise reduction are reduced, the impact on the environment is reduced from the source, the spraying device is set up on the spot to eliminate the dust scattering phenomenon, and the pollution of the environment is eliminated.

2. Energy saving and emission reduction, and cost reduction. Random allocation of generators, using diesel to drive power generation equipment, relatively reduce the energy consumption of the system, and the equipment can move freely to the production site, do not need to transport production materials back and forth, avoid secondary waste and pollution, directly deal with materials, eliminate complex and cumbersome processes.

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