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Stone crusher is a kind of high-efficiency equipment for crushing various types of sand and ore. At present, several commonly used stone crushers include jaw crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, etc. in addition, the mobile crushing station launched in recent years has a very high market activity. All kinds of crushers have different characteristics and capacity, and their functions in different sand and gravel production lines are different, and the price and investment are also very different.

Stone crushers can be divided into many types according to different types. The some of the stone crusher price is lower than several thousand yuan, and some are higher than several million yuan. The main reason is that the cost of each equipment, the scope of use and the technical investment are different. If you want to buy a reliable quality and affordable stone crusher, you can first choose the equipment suitable for your own production situation.

Crusher usually can meet the requirements of different material crushing particle size, and is widely used in cement, gravel, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, highway and other fields.

1. Shell, beautiful appearance, high strength, durable.

2. Semi automatic, hydraulic adjustment of discharge port can effectively control the particle size of sand and stone, fast and convenient.

3. The toothed plate is free of stuffing and easy to replace. Our company's rolling mortar wall and broken wall, the assembly surface is specially designed, and precision processed on special machine tools.

4. The special crushing chamber design effectively improves the production capacity.

5. Over iron protection, safe and reliable, automatic cavity cleaning, fast and time-saving.

6. Labyrinth combination, grease seal, good dust-proof effect.

7. Bevel gear transmission, smooth operation.

8. The copper sleeve produced by special formula and process is durable and has no cracking record.

9. Small size, light weight, reasonable structure is also one of the advantages of the company's stone crusher.

How Much Is A Mobile Crusher:

Granite has the characteristics of high hardness, strong wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, so more and more customers invest in the field of infrastructure construction after crushing granite into sand. The hardness of granite is higher, but it is brittle. Compared with basalt, granite is easier to be broken; compared with limestone and other medium hardness materials, granite is more difficult to be broken. Therefore, in the process design of granite processing plant, the crushing equipment based on lamination principle should be selected as far as possible to reduce the loss of wear-resistant parts. For medium and short-term projects, two-stage crushing can be adopted; for medium and long-term projects, three-stage crushing is an ideal choice.

Due to the large size and high hardness of granite block, the jaw crusher is generally used for coarse crushing to produce fine-grained materials, and then the secondary crusher can choose to break back. The impact breaking has the function of shaping. The processed granite aggregate has good shape, uniform particle size and good effect.

Crushing Process Flow

In the process of crushing granite, it can be divided into three stages: coarse crushing of jaw crusher, medium fine crushing of impact crusher or cone crusher, and sand shaping of sand making machine. The specific processing technology is as follows:

1. The large blocks of granite are evenly sent to a crusher (jaw crusher) for coarse crushing by vibrating feeder in the silo;

2. The coarse crushed granite is sent to the second crushing (impact crusher or cone crusher) by belt conveyor for further crushing;

3. The fine crushed granite is sent to the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor for screening, and several different sizes and specifications of granite are screened out. The granite meeting the grain size requirements is sent to the superfine crusher by the finished belt conveyor for grinding;

4. The granite which does not meet the grain size requirements is sent to the impact crusher or cone crusher by the belt conveyor for re crushing, forming a closed-circuit multiple cycles.

granite crusher:

Portable crushing plant is a new type of rock crushing equipment, which can eliminate the obstacles brought by crushing site and environment to customers' crushing operation, and truly provide customers with efficient and low-cost project operation hardware facilities. The material transportation cost can be greatly reduced with the transportation of raw materials.

At present, construction waste has become the source of China's main waste, and after continuous exploration and development, construction waste is a renewable resource with high utilization value. The research on the recycling technology of construction waste also shows that the recycling technology of construction waste is not complex. As long as a kind of construction waste treatment equipment, namely portable crusher, is selected correctly, the utilization rate of construction waste can be more than 98%, which is of great significance for promotion.

Due to the concentration of construction waste, the site is relatively limited, and the traffic is not very convenient, so the portable crusher plant should be selected. First of all, the equipment is a mobile crushing and screening combination, which is used for multi-stage crushing of various large bulk materials. Most of the construction waste is solid waste, which is generated in the process of construction or maintenance and demolition of old buildings. When the construction waste is preliminarily classified, some reinforcement and wood can be sorted out, and then the masonry and cement concrete can be crushed into aggregate. After screening, the construction materials with utilization value can be obtained. If cement, fly ash and other auxiliary materials are added into the aggregate, and some water is added for mixing, different construction products and road construction products can be formed, which can replace ordinary sand and stone for road base.

The recycled aggregate produced by crushing concrete, crushed stone and other materials after the construction waste passes through the portable crusher can be widely used in the beautification of buildings and the laying of roads, the pavement laying of various public activity places such as residential quarters, gardens, parks, squares, slope protection and reinforcement of railway, highway, reservoir, pond dam and other construction projects, as well as in urban parking lot, cultural wall and fish pool and many other projects.

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