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Heads up, POE Currency lovers, as your world is about to become rocked in under two weeks.
Grinding Gear Games said immediately that it can be preparing to unveil the details of their 3.0 expansion on February 14th, as well as an announcement on the 2.6 challenge league a couple of days later. A press tour next week are going to be the first to view this exclusive content.
The studio did impart us with Cheap POE Currency a vague idea from the timeline in the upcoming expansion: “The release date of 3.0.0 is not decided, however it’s likely the beta will begin at some stage over the second half with the 2.6.0 challenge league.”
Huh. A press tour. Sounds something up our alley, doesn’t it? Stay tuned!
The next class coming over to Tera Gold is known as the Paragon… as well as it isn’t. There’s no clear solution to translate the name that sounds pretty much as good in English the way it does in Korean, see, and so the localization team picked “Paragon” because the best option. (The literal translation is “Moonlight Warrior.”) But some members on the community disliked the name, therefore the community team is turning it over to your community like a whole using a simple question: What do you want to view it named?
It’s crucial to note here how the choices are between Paragon, Moondancer, Glaivedancer, Valkyrie, and Sentinel, so there won't be any write-in options. That means you are able to’t suggest Tera Items that the course be named an epithet, a racial slur, Harambe (you’re not funny), Glaivey McGlaiveface (you’re still funny), or some different that might one thinks of. Still, if you believe “Paragon” sounds bad, you choose to do get a chance to present a different suggestion. Democracy works, once in a while.

It’s worthy of fighting at our EP Party! We’re decreasing the amount of EP important for EVERY dungeon by 50%!
When: From 6/4/18 (from 6 PM CEST) to 9/4/2018 (at 9 AM CEST)
The dungeon ‘Silver Scythe’ normally Soul Worker Dzenai requires 7 EP to begin and 7 EP at the conclusion (a full of 14 EP).
During case you’ll just have 4 EP to begin and 4 EP towards the end of the dungeon ‘Silver Scythe’. (A total of 8 EP because the level of dungeon EP required is reduced by 50% and put together if needed.)
Get on the market Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai and have double fun from the dungeons!
The SoulWorker Team

The latest update for Tera Gold on PC brings characters to new heights of power. Not just because you’re acquiring a variety of commendations and status; no, the update introduces the newest Apex Skills, which deliver just what exactly they promise. A dangerous solo quest guards the Apex Skills to the first seven classes, and you may see these skills in action inside the videos just under. They’re kind of a big issue, because name would imply.
Meanwhile, console players are gonna have to hold back a while longer to relish all of such new skills… but considering how recently the sport launched on console, it’s probably just thanks for Buy Tera Items visiting already be getting new content in the experience. Console players can dive into Ruinous Manor, that's filled with dangerous enemies for level 65 and many associated loot. Sure, it’s not the apex of the your character may ultimately be capable to achieve, but that’s something to check forward to.

Dual Universe is receiving bigger daily. Recently, the experience has passed considered one of its Kickstarter milestones at the same time as hit 7 000 subscribers on its YouTube channel.
Dual Universe - latest Dev diary and 75% completion milestone
Dual Universe, a continual single-shard sandbox MMORPG Soul Worker Dzenai taking place within a vast Sci-Fi universe, has two major news in store for the fans immediately.
The developers at Novaquark has released their latest Dev diary. This time, it includes info on Player-driven economy:
"We will certainly release a combination of written dev diaries through which we will discuss the action mechanics. We start today using the topic with the player-driven in-game economy. There is a devblog  post dealing with the market economy and just how price equilibrium are going to be achieved in the experience, and we recommend Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai that you begin there. If you've not done so, go have a look at it!"
To get more info for the topic, please, see the full version in the diary here.
Other important news about the sport is a Kickstarter milestone. Recently, the Kickstarter campaign for Dual Universe has gone by its 75% completion milestone! This was announced for the game's  Twitter
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The MMO genre celebrated a lot of birthdays immediately, including anniversaries for that launches of Black Desert, The Division, RIFT, Wakfu, and Dungeons and Dragons Online. Meanwhile, Funcom announced a brand new game (not an MMO, though), Elite Dangerous launched its next chapter, Path of Exile’s Bestiary update made out the door, Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai hit open beta, Secret World Legends pushed out its agent network, and Trion stunned everyone using its Defiance 2050 reboot plans.

Read on to the very best of now’s MMO news and opinions.
Alliance of Valiant Arms, also generally known as A.V.A., is a totally free-to-play shooter with a long history and despite showing its age, will still be regarded as one on the decent games Tera Gold on the genre. Now, En Masse Entertainment has says it is going to be taking over as publisher of A.V.A.
En Masse wishes to seamlessly migrate the characters, progress, stats, weapons, plus more from the existing publisher’s service, all of which will run both a closed and open beta test prior on the game's Tera Items North America and Europe relaunch later come july 1st, with the end of August 2016. New content will probably be added in the beta tests, as well as a substantial game update.
The new A.V.A. website is appropriate this way.
Metal Assault is a totally free to play side scrolling 2D shooter from WarPortal that's inspired by classical 2D shooters like Metal Slug. The game Soul Worker Dzenai was originally available back 2009 inside West, but de-activate due to poor reception. WarPortal oddly made a decision to bring it back on the dead in 2016. I personally don't think the action Buy SW Dzenai has a chance and none of us perceived to enjoy it inside video above. Not sure why Warportal is suddenly pulling a SubaGames and bringing back various super old dead games.

En Masse Entertainment released its Planar Raid update for the anime action MMORPG Closers now which increases Tina's level cap to 75 and added new challenges with the Planar Gate. Players level 73 and can take on the modern Planar Gate raid quests to Soul Worker Dzenai obtain new gear, accessories, achievements, and even more.

To celebrate the launch of Planar Raid, En Masse is hosting 2 new events:

    Defeat Mephisto and Vitus; Save the World!—Once per account, upon first login after maintenance, you’ll obtain a box brimming with powerful gear to offer you a taste products Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai you can unlock through the Planar Gate raids. This box contains temporary versions with the Phase Wings earned by challenging Vitus and Mephisto, and also a box of +12 Ultimate Gear, consisting of an ultimate core, 2 modules, and 3 trinkets.
    Complete stages that consume 10 Fatigue or higher, and you’ll receive tokens you are able to use to craft special rewards, including accessories and enhancement material boxes!

Closers can be a side scrolling anime action MMORPG comparable to games like Soul Worker and Kritika Online. The game is entirely on Steam and contains been averaging 852 players online simultaneously on there during the last 30 days.

Learn more around the official site.
This is episode over a hundred and forty on the Podcast so we look at the most current news and happenings inside the MMOAH and Soul Worker Dzenai gaming world. As always we jumped promptly into the Weekly Raid, "How Should MMOAHRPGs Handle Early Game?" We discussed how early game in MMOAHRPGs seems like a chore. This is especially true given that more and more games Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai are simply just trying to rush players in to the "end game". We also mentioned how level potions are employed to circumvent this part of the overall game. We then talked a whole lot about Soul Worker Online as well as its recent success.
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