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As we mentioned earlier this week, Soul Worker Dzenai is currently taking applications for that first closed beta about the new Korean official website. We can't say yet if the sport is IP locked, but we know the beta will feature four characters: Haru Estia, Erwin Arclight, Lily Bloommerchen and Stella Unibell.
Our Korean is usually a bit rusty, but from that which you gather it seems like the closed beta is likely to run from Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai December 22 to December 25, but try not to quote us on that. As soon as we've more details we'll show you, also it would be also great after we had some news from Gameforge along with the English version of SoulWorker Online finally.

It appears that Soulworker will include job advancements, possibly inside same way that Closers Online and Kritika Online do, to just a number of. This was revealed by the modern teaser page for Haru Estia aka Soulum Sword. The job upgrade is likely to Soul Worker Dzenai land around the Korean server on August 16, and surely the Japan server likewise a bit later.

The final image is already discovered and Haru Estia looks a tad more mature, with long flowing hair. However, the top change is clearly the addition of any second sword, that may change the gameplay quite somewhat. We can't wait to view how that translates in-game. We're pleased to view that Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai Online is getting job upgrades, but we may love to discover new characters released regularly at the same time.

Gameforge is very much getting better a reveal with the western Soulworker Online website, so we can't wait!

The SoulWorker anime episode 4 is live and this also means that there is certainly only one left to travel. Gameforge should release it soon, when they're patching Soul Worker Dzenai, having recently added IP block for the game.
In this new episode set within a former research laboratory on the NED Company, we of heroes – Erwin, Lilly, Stella and Haru – wonder the thing that was going on in that room. Suddenly, they may be surprised Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai by a bad gift from Edgar, the mad joker. As Erwin says, this “surprise” is a touch ball of rage.
Episode 5 with this anime webseries should bring a colossal showdown, so don't miss it, as neither will I.

Studio Gameforge will continue to develop MMORPG Soul Worker, the state run output of which within the western region was held just at the beginning of April. During this time the group has already been able to release several updates. So, there was clearly a new PvP activity "Dimension Trip", suitable for Soul Worker Dzenai players with the highest level, and also the release from the recent patch, their email list of premium items which can be auctioned for in-game currency has significantly expanded.
This implies that now users have been not able to buy goods the real deal money or just do not want to take action, got the opportunity get nearly every thing, spending only their time onto it. On the other hand, players who can spend actual money on belongings in Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai a premium store will then give, exchange or sell them for playing money, thereby improving the welfare with their character.
In total, using the release on the update, new rules affected 21 products, one of them tickets for talent dumping, name change, armor recovery, revival plus more.
As of the end of this week some PVP? Super - String and his clan will be held in tribal war this Saturday "war god sent". More details can be found in the related BBS post.
If you like castle wars, RuneHQ events team will be on the 25th for castle war called boot.  Those who seek to Soul Worker Dzenai improve their capabilities of Super - String players should see on fighting course. From junior to senior, they cover topics, including maximize your work efficiency, using a combination of dizziness and.
If you want to kill terrible black dragon king RuneHQ events team will be in the condensed some slew a dragon forces on Sunday. Don't forget your antifire potion. 
Tip has issued a new magazine. It's filled with articles, community times for your reading pleasure. They have released the 236 edition of the magazine, and is still available!  More Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai info you can get from this site.

Rocket League players active on the Nintendo Switch version is now able to participate inside the Fan Rewards program that provides players free loot simply for watching esports matches.
The Nintendo Switch is regarded as the recent platform that Rocket League Items been released for, so that it took for a longer period to get the Fan Rewards program installed and operating on Nintendo’s console. Psyonix announced the Fan Rewards news over the game’s main and esports Twitter accounts to let Nintendo Switch owners know that they can now start earning their rewards.
For those Switch owners who aren’t sure the way you use Fan Rewards or players on other platforms who haven’t been aware of it, it’s pretty all to easy to earn all the loot. All players have to do is link their Nintendo account and view pros battle it in Cheap Rocket League Items matches through Twitch. By simply tuning into these games in the right time, you’ll start earning accessories like banners, wheels, plus more. You technically don’t even have to watch the matches should you don’t desire to since you can just put them on in the background to get your rewards, nevertheless, you may as well look closely at learn a thing or two from your pros.
To simplify the operation of linking your accounts, Psyonix gave players a step-by-step guide through the game’s esports page for accessing their Fan Rewards.
    On the Switch version of Rocket League, visit extras and choose the “Link Nintendo Account” in the 'Extras' menu
    Authorize Rocket League to use your Nintendo Account. Simply continue with the prompts on the website and once you’re done it’s onto the final steps for Fan Rewards!
    Once you’ve authorized your Nintendo Switch account to work with Rocket League, check out the Fan Rewards website and login with your Twitch account.
    After you login, choose the Nintendo Switch as the platform of preference then add your Switch account information for the site.
    Once completed, play Rival Series and RLCS broadcasts on tv/rocketleague to start earning rewards for your Nintendo Switch Rocket League account!
Once you’ve completed those steps above, you’re fully prepared to start out earning the Rocket League loot by watching the games via Twitch. The announcement post also reminded esports viewers how the North American broadcasts are held on Saturdays at 12 p.m. PDT while European broadcasts are held on Sundays at 9 a.m. PDT.
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