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aas Mar 14 '18
1, before the pavement to be raised

Whether it is a solid wood floor, a laminate floor or a laminate floor, the main materials are wood. Wood materials are easily affected by the climate and undergo thermal expansion and contraction. After the floor is bought and returned home,Co-Extruded Floor Supplier it should be placed in the new living room or other dry and sheltered place for one to two days, so that the moisture content of the floor can be balanced with the indoor moisture content to facilitate the pavement.

2, the ground needs to be kept dry

Prior to floor paving, ground dryness should be used one week in advance to keep the ground dry for a long period of time. Avoid high humidity and ensure that the ground is flat. If the floor is uneven,composite fencing affordable it is prone to problems after the floor is laid. After leveling the ground, be sure to wait until the newly paved cement is completely dry before you start laying the floor to avoid breeding bacteria.

3, pay attention to the expansion rate

Due to the effect of temperature, wooden materials will swell and shrink. Flooring installations need to reserve expansion joints to prevent deformation, cracking, etc. due to dry weather or moisture after floor covering. Different brands of floor expansion rate will be different,paving slabs in philippines and paving workers can choose the manufacturer's installation division, do not yourself casually.

4, the floor finished to rest

After the floor is finished, do not walk or place heavy objects on it immediately. Allow 48 hours for the wood floor to rest, so that the floor glue will be more fully bonded,how to install lows hardboard wall panel which will help the floor pavement effect. Paving of wood floors requires meticulous care. A moment of negligence may lead to unsatisfactory paving results and hidden dangers on the floor. Therefore, attention should be paid to the front, middle and later stages of paving so as to avoid doing any useless work.

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