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Heiwhite Dec 5 '19

LED lights are the ultimate money savers for retail store and home owners alike. Not only are they more durable than normal light bulbs they are also cost effective. Switching to LED lights for your retail store can save you a tonne of money on electricity and maintenance. With the festive season right around the corner, now is the right time to invest in retail LED lighting. It gives your space a new glow and when the shoppers come a brightly lit store is what they will appreciate the most.

But among LED lights too there are many types, here's a guide to how you can choose the right kind for your retail store.

1. Type of lighting: Even within this type of lighting there are multiple types of lights you can choose from. Knowing and understanding each can be very helpful in choosing the right kind of light for your store. There are COB LED and LED gimbal lights and LED swivel to choose from.

2. Expense: Retail lighting can be expensive. Getting new LEDs fitted is expensive too, but in comparison to other lighting, LED lights last longer and give out more light, making them more cost effective than normal lights. However, if you have any monetary constraints you can choose basic LED tubes, rather than invest in other types. These tubes are just like tubelights, but they last twice as long, consume far lesser energy and are four to five times brighter than a normal tubelight. You can also use LED fixtures just to focus on your product displays to draw attention to specific products. This trick is best used in jewellery stores.

3. Type of store: The kind of lighting you require depends largely on the type retail store you run. A hardware store will require stronger lighting than a coffee shop or a book store. A clothes or jewellery store will require softer lighting than say a grocery store.

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