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Nowseore Jan 15

A muzzle brake is very different from a flash hider in that it has ports which are able to redirect the muzzle blast so as to reduce the recoil. It should be noted that a majority of recoil comes from the muzzle blast itself. This implies that the dramatic expansion of the gasses can be tamed. The suppressor reduces recoil just by the merit of trapping gas and preventing it from expanding. The muzzle brake simply forces the gas out of one or more of the angular ports thus the angle of those ports allows the gun to essentially be pulled forward hence negating recoil impulse.


Different kind of muzzle brakes serve diverse purposes. There is the chambered brake which has a series of open ports that allow the bullet to go through. Each of the port’s bleeds of more gas so as to allow the recoil to dissipate. A chambered brake has ports at three and six o’clock however some have ports at twelve o’clock that force the muzzle down so as to prevent jump especially when shooting off a bipod commonly known as compensator.


The main function of a muzzle brake is to control recoil, side to side movement during shooting as well as barrel rise that is caused by torque of the bullet being forced down the barrel by the burning powder. The advantage with muzzle brake is less recoil, side to side motion and upward movement. It also assists in quick realignment of the sights on target and better accuracy. 

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