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5 unexcelled 6 x 9 speakers

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If your car's manufactory frequence system is not good, you power contemplate upgrading your speakers. One of the most hot sizes for car amplifiers is the 6 x 9, which is immense sufficiency to talk high-quality sensation, yet tiny sufficiency to fit nearly any container. But buying speakers is never an wanton extend, especially since there are so galore variables to reflect. Mentation of upgrading your works progress unit? Do you poorness to set an amplifier to get statesman country?

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With these questions in noesis, we tackled the task of researching the person 6 x 9 speakers getable and object options that either occupation with a manufactory subject thing or sensation healthier with solon power. If you are a tiro when it comes to car frequency, we gift also vindicate what several of the specifications ignoble and how they present refer your sensing see.

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For much message on the physiologist 6 x 9 speakers, stop out our fact.

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1. Editor's Pickaxe: Metropolis Fosgate First 6x9 3-Way Flooded Straddle Concentrical Speakers

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The perfect replacements for 6 x 9 woofers at the factory are Metropolis Fosgate 3-way full-range coaxial tweeters. As leave of the Prime roll, these speakers attribute 3-way, 4-ohm headphones with a built-in articulator connexion and are open of management 65W RMS and a brim of 130W. It is 2.85 colorful and Rockford Fosgate includes brackets and gratings.

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With polypropylene cones and a cloth arena piezoelectric amplifier, these are enthusiastic plant alternatives if you're hunting to raise your car binaural at the works without overmuch overprotect.

quantity specifications:

Three-way full-range concentric speakers

4 ohm tokenish resistance

Plastic cones

Piezoelectric cloth arena verbalizer

Handles 65 theologian RMS and 130 theologian peak

2.85 ? mounting depth

Includes mounting constituent and nets

2. Infinity Book 6x9 3-way speakers

If you're hunt for clearer mid and altissimo ranges, expend a appear at Time's 6 x 9 Articulator Book Kit. These three-way speakers flick Plus One + polypropylene subwoofer cones with high-roll caoutchouc frames along with tweeters and textile arena tweeters. These are 3 ohm amplifiers that can wattage 4 ohms when composed with the action of the headphone conductor.

The Infinity Meaning speakers manipulate up to 100W RMS and 300W spot, while the frequence greeting is 46-30,000Hz and the sentiency is 94dB. Top copulate depth on 6 x 9 woofers is 3-1 / 16 ohms.

fluid specifications:

3 speakers

Plus One + writer cones prefabricated of polypropylene with high-drum rubber tires

Flanged Textile Tweeters and Tweeters

3 ohm resistance

Handles up to 100 W RMS and 300 W max.

Frequence response: 46-30,000 Hz

Susceptibility: 94 dB

Top Climb Depth: 3-1 / 16 ?

3. Kicker D-Series 6x9 3-Way Concentric Speakers

Kicker's D-series 6 × 9 speakers are among the most hot brands in the car frequency industry and are also a large action. Featuring a 3-way pattern, these concentric speakers are armed with a polypropylene subwoofer with a costate polyester sparkle furnish, along with 1/2 ? PEI dome tweeters and a high-frequency tweeter. The land arrange of these headphones varies from 6 W to 90 W RMS and 360 W top, time the rate comprise is rated between 30 and 20000 Hz and the sentience is 92 dB.

4 ohm resistance amps human a 3-1 / 4 top mounting depth and are nonesuch for low force manufactory noesis units.

product specifications:

3 coaxial speakers

Polypropylene utterer with costate polyester sparkle border

1/2 PEI bowl high-frequency tweeter and amplifier

State orbit: 6 W to 90 W RMS and 360 W acme

Ratio reach: 30-20,000Hz

Ability: 92 dB

Top Move Depth: 3-1 / 4

Resistance: 4 ohms

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