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Newman was a middle aged businessman. He had a best friend named Bert. Newman and Bert had been friends for about seven years. Newman was happily married to Tracy White Sox Ozzie Guillen Jersey , his wife of 18 years.

Newmans job often called for him to travel. They lived in a nice suburban neighborhood. It was one of the better neighborhoods in the area. There were lots of activities and plenty of space between the homes.

Newman lived pretty close to Bert, so he often asked him to look in on Tracy when he was away. Bert helped her with any problems she had during her husbands absence. Newman felt comfortable leaving her with Bert, since they were such close friends.

He knew Bert would never get out of line and he trusted Tracy. He felt she was devoted enough to their marriage that she could endure his frequent absences. Bert was the one of Newmans friends that Tracy could put up with.

One day Newman was notified that he had to leave on business for two weeks. He tried to talk his way out of the assignment White Sox Nellie Fox Jersey , but he was the only one with the required expertise. He knew Tracy would be furious. When he got home that evening he told her about the assignment. To his surprise she was very understanding.

He thought, she must have been getting use to me being gone. He was both happy and disappointed that she would agree so easily. He always took her anger as a sign that she loved him very much. He thought that perhaps her love was starting to fade. He rationalized all types of excuses for her behavior. The thoughts rushed through his mind like water through a canyon.

He even thought about quitting his job to avoid the assignment. Against his better judgment he decided to go. He called on Bert to keep an eye on things while he was away. It was not a real inconvenience for Bert since they had no kids. It was just a matter of her calling if she needed help. Newman finally came to terms and was ready to make the trip.

On the day he was to leave he packed his gear in the car, hugged and kissed his wife. He also reassured her that everything would be all right. He was surprised when she said White Sox Michael Jordan Jersey , I know it will. Newman left for the trip. On the road his mind was pouring over his life events. About sixty miles into the drive, he made a life changing decision.

He decided that his job was not worth the price of leaving his loving wife at home alone again. He came to the conclusion that his job was unfair to his family life and enough was enough. He decided was not going on the trip. He did not care if he got fired. He was relived that he had finally made a decision. He felt great and started home to tell Tracy the news.

He bought the car to an abrupt stop. He turned around in the middle of the road and headed home. It was such great news that he wanted to surprise Tracy. He was on cloud nine. He thought surely this would show her how much he loved her. He knew he could always find another job. He was happy during the entire drive home.

He visualized Tracys reaction when he told her of his decision. When he pulled up to the house he notice a Red SUV in the driveway. He thought, Bert did not tell me he got a new car. He decided to park behind the house and surprise his wife.

As he was exiting the vehicle White Sox Melky Cabrera Jersey , he heard what sounded like two people talking. He recognized one as the voice of his wife. Then the voices went silent. He moved closer and peaked around the corner of the house. What he saw shocked him. It was Tracy, his wife of 18 years, and a man he did not recognize deeply engaged in kissing.

He watched for a while in dismay. Tears started flowing down his face White Sox Luke Appling Jersey , as he realized that Tracy was no longer the woman he loved. He temporarily gained his composure. Then he took out his cell phone took a couple of pictures of the two. He quietly went back to his car and drove for miles. The pain was terrible to bear while he drove. Suddenly, he pulled off the road and called Tracy. He told her what he saw. She cried as she confessed. It turns out that the guy he saw was someone she met at her doctors office.

During her lonely times she had fell in love with him. They had a secret relationship for over 2 years. They covered the relationship by only getting together when Newman was out of town. Newman was devastated for a long time, he soon filed for divorce.

Sometimes the people we loved the most are the most disappointing. You may get into a situation where you must know whats going on when you are not there. Technology has made it possible for you to keep an eye on your loved ones no matter where you are.

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