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Alisa Wang
Alisa Wang Oct 12 '18

There appeared to be no good reason for this exchange – and there wasn’t, at least by NCAA standards. Gassnola, a member of and AAU team owner,  Newport cigarettes,newport box 100s menthol cigarette detailed from the witness stand how he had plied Player with $89,000 over the course of nearly a year, including a $30,000 cash payout in a New York hotel room and another $20,000 brick delivered while in Las Vegas.

But wait, that’s not the best part.

Worried there was no proper explanation for the payments, Player texted Gassnola to inform him she had told KU officials the two had been involved in an “intimate” relationship, believing such activity would somehow make it NCAA legal. Maybe that would get them out of trouble, she theorized.

Among the reasons this was might not be believed: Player had a live-in partner, Timicha Kirby, who happened to be a woman.

“She hoped it wouldn’t bother my fiancé,” Gassnola said of what he said was a made-up  Newport, the top cigarette brand for black Americans, is aggressively targeting youths affair, before breaking into a chuckle and rolling his eyes. “OK, thanks Nicole.”

Courtroom 26B broke into laughter because when you are this far down the rabbit hole of the underworld of college basketball, there isn’t much else to do. The federal fraud trial of Adidas executives and middleman/would-be agent is essentially the theater of the ridiculous – and few are more ridiculous than T.J. Gassnola, this burly, goateed legend in his own mind.

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clibin009 Oct 29 '18

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