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BEIJING, July 18 (Xinhua) -- Following is the full list of athletes in the Chinese delegation to the Rio Olympic Games:


Women: Fu Yuanhui; Lu Ying; Tang Yi; Chen Jie; Chen Xinyi; Shi Jinglin; Ye Shiwen; Wang Shijia; Xin Xin; Dong Jie; Shen Duo; Cao Yue; Zhou Yilin; Sun Meichen; Zhou Min; Liu Xiang; Zhu Menghui; Zhang Xinyu; Zhang Yufei; Zhang Yuhan; Wang Xue'er; Ai Yanhan; Liu Yaxin; Hou Yawen; Yu Jingyao; Tang Yuting

Men: Zu Lixin; He Jianbin; Sun Yang; Wang Shun; Xu Jiayu; Zhang Qibin; Mao Feilian; Lin Yongqin; Ning Zetao; Li Xiang; Shang Keyuan; Yu Hexin; Li Zhuhao; Li Guangyuan; Qiu Zi' Ao; Yan Zibei; Wu Yuhang; Hu Yixuan; Liu Zhaochen


Women: Cao Hui; Qi Yuhong; Wu Jiaxin

Men: Xing Yu; Gu Xuesong; Wang Dapeng


Women: Zhang Wenxiu; Liu Tingting; Gong Lijiao; Wang Zheng; Li Linwei; Lu Xiuzhi; Wei Yongli; Wang Chunyu; Li Lin; Qieyangshijie; Lu Huihui; Yuan Qiqi; Lin Huijun; Ren Mengxi; Wu Shuijiao; Yue Chao; Liu Shiying; Gao Yang; Li Xiaohong; Kong Lingwei; Bian Ka; Su Xinyue; Chen Yang; Feng Bin; Liang Xiaojing; Ge Manqi; Zhang Xinyan; Hua Shaoqing; Liu Hong

Yang Jiayu

Men: Cai Zelin; Zhang Guowei; Xie Wenjun; Dong Bin; Su Bingtian; Zhang Peimeng; Wang Zhen; Chen Ding; Dong Guojian; Wang Yu; Cao Shuo; Xie Zhenye; Xue Changrui; Mo Youxue; Wang Zhendong; Wang Jia'nan; Wang Changzhou; Yang Yang; Gao Xinglong; Duo Bujie; Tang Xingqiang; Huang Bokai; Yao Jie; Xu Xiaolong; Han Yucheng; Yu Wei; Zhu Renxue

Tang Gongchen; Wang Kaihua; Zhang Hang


Women: Zhao Yunlei; Ma Jin; Luo Ying; Luo Yu; Wang Yihan; Yu Yang; Li Xuerui; Tang Yuanting

Men:Chen Long; Fu Haifeng; Chai Biao; Hong Wei; Lin Dan; Xu Chen; Zhang Nan


Women: Li Qian; Ren Cancan; Yin Junhua

Men: Zhao Minggang; Li Bin; Shan Jun; Hu Qianxun; Zhang Jiawei; Liu Wei; Hu Jianguan; Yu Fengkai


Women: Zhou Yu; Ren Wenjun; Liu Haiping; Ma Qing; Li Yue

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