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The watchface is dome shaped Women's B.J. Hill Jersey , with the usual sapphire crystal (anti-reflective scrath resistant). Sapphire crystal is a common element in high profile authentic watches.

With a 41mm case diameter, any ‘James Bond’ to be, can dive with these watches upto 1000 feet which is approximately 300 meters depth.The watch looks classic with a stainless steel case, blue dial color and its usual date function.

This Omega Seamaster 2220.80.00 watch series is said to be one of the coolest watch ever and has made more appearance in ‘Bond’ movies. Omega Seamaster collection first appeared in 1995 ‘Golden Eye’ which in that period of time intoduces the Seamaster 2531.80.00.models. Omega Seamaster has since then replace the old Rolex Submariner as the leading gadget in the movie. The 2220.80.00 (which is 2006 models) have been into several refinements especially the new design and implementation of ‘Co-Axial’ escapement. Co-Axial was designed by Dr.

This new implementation of Co-Axial technology compared to the lever escapement, has significantly reduces ‘sliding friction’ of the 2531.80.00. What you get is ‘accuracy and better precision’

The 2220.80.00 Omega Automatic is service free for 10 years. Which means less hassle than the previous 2531.80.00 Omega Seamaster. Means that, this authentic dive watch wont burn your pocket. There is also an option for this Automatic Movement. The Omega Men’s Seamaster 300M “James Bond” Automatic Chronometer Watch #2220.80.00 also available in ‘Quartz version’ which is referred as model #2221.80.00.

Two words to describe the watch is ‘Superb Accuracy!’. A recent buyer which bought his Omega Seamaster 2220.80.00 recently commented that his Seamaster was gaining about 10 seconds every day. He then took the watch to Swatch Service Center in Toronto to complimentary adjust the dial as it was in warranty. It now gains 1 – 2 seconds a day, and that’s outstanding accuracy for a mechanical watch.

Branded watch winders can cost anywhere between two hundred and eight thousand dollars, which may prove very expensive for low budget users. People who have a knack for designing and making their gadgets and gizmos can create their own watch winding devices that serve the purpose of winding watches and are relatively inexpensive.

The things required for making a watch winder include a small electric motor, a few pieces of wood, leather, and drive components such as shaft collars and washers. Apart from this, users also need to have an appropriate toolkit and other nuts and bolts required for the purpose. The intended device will not mimic the complex motions of commercially produced watch winders but will generate simple circular motions that are enough to wound a self winding watch when not in use.

The electric motor should provide about two to three RPM and should have automatic shut down functions that will give the motor an opportunity to rest and cool off. The body of the winding device is made from wood as it can easily be altered using household toolkits.

The motor is placed inside the wooden box and secured with the help of screws or fast acting glue. After this the drive shaft is joined with the motor using rubber rings or other gear mechanism as preferred by the user.

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