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zhang Feb 11

Vice President Joe Biden said on May 28 that the U.S. Economy is ‘recovering and is’s gaining traction.” Has the economy emerged from the recession?

If you listen to these kind of talks in the media often enough [url=]Chris Davis Jersey[/url] , you might be tempted to believe that the economic crisis is over and we are on the road to economy recovery.

Let us read and ponder over the statistics. Then you decide whether the economic crisis is still far from over.

The U.S. unemployment rate was 9.0 percent (about 14 million people) in April 2011, a 0.2 percent increase from March.

According to April’s numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5.8 million Americans have been out of work for more than 27 weeks.

Those who have used up their traditional 26 weeks of state benefits and are collecting federal emergency and extended payments dropped by about 63,215 to 4.05 million in the week ending May 7.

The number of people continuing to collect unemployment benefits dropped by 46,000 to 3.69 million in the week that ended May 14. This is the lowest level in a month.

However [url=]Adam Jones Jersey[/url] , first-time applications for unemployment benefits, most popularly for an unemployment extension, rose (10,000 more) for the week ending May 21. 10,000. This is the first increase in three weeks.

Overall [url=]Jonathan Schoop Jersey[/url] , 40 states and territories reported a decrease in claims, while 13 showed an increase.

Gasoline prices declined 12 cents for the week ending May 21, the biggest drop since November 2008.

The economy grew at a mere 1.8 percent in the January-March quarter.

The import of goods is still growing more rapid that export from U.S. Factories.

The Federal Reserve has been printing, borrowing and spending money at a dizzying pace.

According to RealtyPartner, the average price of a home in the U.S. is about 8 percent lower than it was a year ago and that it continues to fall about 1 percent a month.

Fifty nine percent of all Americans now receive money from the federal government. U.S. households are now receiving more income from the U.S. government than they are paying to the government in taxes.

In 2010 [url=]Cal Ripken Jersey[/url] , more homes were repossessed than ever before, more Americans were on food stamps than ever before. Tens of millions of Americans can’t find a decent job and 44 million Americans are on food stamps.

The U.S. national debt is more than 14 trillion dollars. During April, the federal government incurred a deficit of $40.5 billion. Average household debt in the United States has now reached a level of 136% of average household income.

As you can tell from the statistics, America is in economic decline. The economy is a mess right now. Tell me, are we seeing an economic recovery yet? I certainly hope so.

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  Members of the media gather in front of an apartment building where media reported nine bodies were found in Zama [url=]Brooks Robinson Jersey[/url] , Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan in this photo taken by Kyodo on October 31, 2017.

A Japanese man was arrested on Tuesday after the severed parts of nine bodies, some of them stored in picnic coolers, were found in his apartment [url=]Wholesale Baltimore Orioles Jerseys[/url] , Japanese media said.

Police made the grisly find in the apartment in Zama, a city just outside Tokyo, after investigating the disappearance of a 23-year-old woman who went missing earlier this month and was seen walking with the man near the apartment on security camera footage, multiple media reported.

A number of coolers were found in the house, each containing body parts [url=]Wholesale Orioles Jerseys[/url] , and led to the arrest of a 27-year-old man on suspicion of abandoning a body. Police are investigating further, media added.

A spokesman for the National Police Agency declined to confirm the reports, saying nothing had been officially announced.

LONDON, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) -- Britain's Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon resigned Wednesday night, becoming the first big political casualty of a "sex pest" scandal engulfing Westminster.

Fallon wrote to prime minister Theresa May [url=]Cheap Baltimore Orioles Jerseys[/url] , telling her he was resigning from her front bench cabinet.

Downing Street confirmed the resignation, saying that May had written to the defense chief, accepting his resignation.

May wrote to Fallon: "I appreciate the characteristically serious manner in which you have considered your position, and the particular example you wish to set to servicemen and women and others."

She praised the way he had championed Britain's armed forces during his three and a half years as Defense Secretary, and the way he had held the job during a time when Britain faced threats of terrorism.

Political commentators said his resignation will come as a major blow to May [url=]Cheap Orioles Jerseys[/url] , losing one of her most supportive and dependable ministers.

The move came just hours after May told MPs in the House of Commons that she had called a meeting of the main party leaders next week to discuss how parliament should handle complaints about sexual harassment by politicians at Westminster.

Earlier this week, Fallon admitted that he had put his hand on the knee of a radio presenter at a dinner 15 years ago at a Conservative Party conference.

In his letter to the Prime Minister, Fallon said: "A number of allegations have surfaced about MPs in recent days, including some about my previous conduct."

"Many of these have been false but I accept in the past I have fallen below the high standards that we require of the Armed Forces that I have the honor to represent. I have reflected on my position and I am therefore resigning as Defense Secretary."

He added in a statement: "It has been a privilege to have served as Defence Secretary for the last three and half years, and I have nothing but admiration for the professionalism [url=]Orioles Eddie Murray Jersey[/url] , bravery and . [url=]Cheap Jerseys China[/url]   [url=]Cheap Jerseys From China[/url]   [url=]Cheap Jerseys[/url]   [url=]Cheap College Jerseys[/url]   [url=]Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping[/url]   [url=]Cheap NHL Jerseys China[/url]   [url=]Cheap New NFL Jerseys[/url]   [url=]Cheap MLB T-shirts[/url]   [url=]Cheap Sports Jerseys China[/url]   [url=]Wholesale Soccer Hoodie[/url] 

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