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The tree flower essences are a way of recording the energy impression or memory of the trees. They are vibrational in nature.

The tree flower essences are a way of recording the energy impression or memory of the trees. They are vibrational in nature. Taking an essence is analogous to what happens listening to music. Music is not just arbitrary sound Homme Nike Air Max 270 Triple Noir Pas Cher , but sound and silence arranged in a harmonious way and much more than that when it is played with a certain love, joy or intensity. Most of us have experienced how our moods change listening to music, a sunny tune and happiness arising. When you are open to it the most beautiful music leads us inwards to a place of resonance where we feel at home in ourselves. This coming home not only inspires us, but is the essence of energy healing as well. Each tree has its unique song. As when you are with a tree Homme Nike Air Max DLX 2019 Noir Pas Cher , feeling connected, nourished in its presence, so when you ingest an essence you are in effect listening to the music of a tree. Pussy Willow is a soft sensual spring flower and its energy helps us open to the flow of energy in nature. It helps put us in touch with the natural rhythm and flow of life and the enjoyment of giving and receiving. This essence is of great benefit when we feel rigid and stuck, that we cannot melt and let go. One feels a softness and fluidity nike epic react flyknit pas cher , an invitation to open to pleasure. With Pussy Willow, the experience of the senses is enhanced, opening the door to delight and ecstasy. Pussy Willow is a deciduous shrub or small tree which inhabits wetland areas from the east coast of Canada and the United States through central North America as far as the interior of British Columbia. As the Pussy Willow is the first willow to flower in spring, arriving before the leaves appear nike air max flair homme pas cher , their sight evokes feelings of the awakening earth and pleasure in breathing in the fresh spring air. The catkins magnetically draw bees that dance joyfully around the plant. This essence was prepared on a lovely spring day in a marshy area in a beautiful nature park in Western Quebec, Canada, a short drive from Canada's national capital, Ottawa. In medicine nike air max flair femme pas cher , aboriginal peoples used the bark and catkins, possibly for fevers and pain relief. The bark of some willows is known to contain salicylic acid, a precursor to the pharmaceutical drug known as aspirin. Cuttings from Pussy Willows are a favorite ornament; the silvery hairs around the naked shoot form in late winter before developing into yellow stamens or greenish styles in spring. As a vibrational tree essence Pussy Willow nourishes and expands feelings of a softness and fluidity. We open our senses, we are invited to open to the pleasure of experiencing fully our surroundings. Thus the experience of the 5 senses is enhanced nike air max flair pas cher , we may feel tastes and smells intensify, colors may seem more vibrant, music fills us, we let go and take in life more fully. We have 7 very beautiful tree flower essences. Each single tree flower essence is special in its own way. Each of the 7 single tree essences has a correspondence with a chakra: Pussy Willow especially touches the heart chakra or center. It is a fine essence for dancers nike air max dlx pas cher , creative artists and it may also be used when to enhance our own flow of energy. It is a first choice of tree flower essence for women who are breastfeeding. It general it helps us to flow and express our feelings and imagination. Pussy Willow is also a natural choice of tree flower essence when we feel stuck in any way, whether, physically, emotionally or mentally. So take Pussy Willow to loosen up and also when we feel awkward nike air vapormax plus pas cher , clumsy or gauche. It is also a beautiful essence for lovers and couples hoping to conceive a child as when both partners take it they may find the flow of energy between them more sensual and connected. To learn more about the healing power of trees and to try our tree flower essences visit us at Best Wishes, Daniel Tigner Email: cfte@

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