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Different Types of Physical Therapy Published: 24.04.2010 | Author: janiceladden | Category: Health And Fitness

Physical therapy is one of the most diversified aspects of treatment especially in injury and trauma. It involves three major techniques namely 鈥?massage Marcus Murphy Bills Jersey , alternating heat and cold application and traction. Both alternating heat and cold application and massage involve stimulation of the coetaneous skin. This is based on the pain transmission that follows the gate control theory.

Massage and cold and heat application follow a principle where pain is blocked from being transmitted to the brain and endorphins are being released to the blood stream. Endorphins are our body鈥檚 natural pain reliever and this is the one stimulated to be produced. Traction on the other hand uses mechanical force to stretch muscles and ligaments and it is mainly used to relieve back pain. It releases the pressure exerted on the spinal nerves and inter-vertebral discs that produces the strain thus resulting to pain.

There are many types of physical therapy known in our world today. Dynamic physical therapy is the first common approach, which is more on a personal level. This type of therapy ensures that all patients will receive quality care and 100% attention. It usually works on a one-on-one basis where patients will have their own physical therapist working on their therapy program.

Dallas physical therapy programs for example performs neurological physical therapy, which is another type of therapy specialized for patients with spinal cord injuries and other neurological-related injuries that may have negative results and effects to the body. This form of therapy can help patients with Alzheimer鈥檚 Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Parkinson鈥檚 disease.

Usually this form of physical therapy is geared towards restoring the normal range of motions and brings back some motor skills that may have been lost during the course of the disease. Physical therapy in Dallas has taken it into a higher level and made each form of therapy a good focus on stimulation and restoration.

Another type of therapy and is the most common is the orthopedic physical therapy, which is focused on minor treatments usually for patients after orthopedic surgery. You can find this in most Dallas physical therapy clinics Corey Bojorquez Bills Jersey , where you can gear up and focus into getting back in shape.

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